HOLLYWOOD—Well, this is one series that sure knows how to keep the audience guessing till the final moment. The ABC series “How to Get Away With Murder” returned for the second half of its third season picking up with that massive cliffhanger that revealed Wes is DEAD!

Yep, one of the Keating 5 is no more, and in the midst of his demise madness has exploded. For starters, Annalise is behind bars, where the district attorney’s office is determined to build a case against the legal eagle. Annalise is certainly fracturing the longer she stays behind bars. While the audience has not yet seen her explode, next week’s episode teases great things to come.

So let’s put things into perspective. Connor might be the most annoyed of the bunch; the guy lacks compassion and remorse, so much to the point that he gets into a massive fist fight with Asher who shows his pal the importance of a bit of respect. I mean Asher is taking Wes’ death the hardest if you ask me, not to mention Michaela who is keeping her true feelings bottled up.

This only further complicates the situation for Laurel. I mean this woman was just beginning to build a relationship with Wes, so for it to be revealed that not only is he dead, but he’s also the FATHER of her baby! Whoa, that is a lot to take in. Yes, we don’t have to wonder if Frank or Wes is the baby father, that bombshell was revealed fairly quickly.

Speaking of Frank, he seems to be back in the midst of things as he and Bonnie do their best to find a way to ensure Annalise is released. Bonnie is indeed a damn good lawyer, the one problem is she lacks that confidence to trust her abilities. I mean what appeared like a solid case for Annalise’s released was trumped by the courts, where it appears Annalise’s enemy, Nate’s new girl-toy, etched a win.

However, just because she got a win, didn’t mean she got a taste of her own medicine. When she attempted to cut Nate loose, he revealed to her boss that the two had been sleeping together and if he was fired he’d scream sexual harassment. Not the biggest fan of Nate, but that was indeed a trump card I enjoyed seeing played. Not much erupted this episode beyond the fact that Connor and Oliver continued to bicker over their relationship, and Oliver knows a bit more than he should. He all but confirmed that he is aware that Connor and the rest of the gang may have killed Sam and covered up the murder. Thankfully, he hasn’t gone to the police, but at this point he’s an accomplice in my book cause he has failed to disclose what he truly knows people!

I’d argue the best part of the episode was seeing Annalise adjust to life behind bars, especially having one cellmate who TALKS TO MUCH, while another seemed like a guardian angel who looked out for someone who has fallen from grace. I mean just when I suspected that Annalise was a goner; Frank confessed to the authorities that he murdered Wes. And with a snap of a finger, we get a flashback revealing that Frank did indeed see Wes right after he left the police station. That resulted in Wes taking a ride with Frank to who knows where. Do I suspect Frank killed Wes? Not for a chance, it’s way too easy, but he might be in cahoots or know who actually did.

Its looks like flashbacks will give the audience a hint to who the culprit is, but at this point, I suspect it really could be anyone except for Annalise. The medical examiner noted Wes was killed before the fire, but later recanted that statement meaning she was paid off or threatened. There is plenty of mystery to unfold. “How to Get Away with Murder” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.