HOLLYWOOD—In the summer, “Suits” ended on perhaps one of the biggest shocks of the entire series with the departure of Jessica Pearson from the firm Pearson, Specter and Litt. I mean I may have gotten late into the game to discovering how crowd-pleasing this show is, but man I miss Jessica Pearson! I mean when they noted Jessica would be departing the show, I thought it was a bit of a joke, but it’s true Jessica is long gone.

And as a viewer it’s a bummer. There is something that actress Gina Torres brings to the role that I simply cannot describe. It’s a character you respect for her authority and her ability to do things that quite frankly others would be intimidated to do. This second half of season six witnessed, Louis and Harvey realizing that it’s up to them to get the firm moving in the midst of Jessica’s departure.

I mean one would expect these two to have no problem picking up the pieces right? Wrong. Louis per usual was on a tirade from stopping Rachel’s father from offering his assistance. I mean Louis is a character that I hate, not necessarily pure hatred, but he’s that character you love to hate. His antics are hard to explain, and he makes a fool out of himself more times than I can actually count to be honest.

When Donna tells you that you’re making a mistake, you know you’re heading in the wrong direction. Speaking of Donna, the writers sure know how to deliver a shocker to the audience. I mean that opening sequence that made it apparent that Donna and Harvey had rekindled their romance really had me floored. Like for a good 3 minutes, I was certain what was unfolding had really happened, only to discover it was all a dream. Don’t you hate those false twists people!

Back to Harvey, he was destined to utilize Mike Ross to the best of his abilities by asking him to return to the firm, which just happened to get him sent to prison for several months. Yeah, if I was Mike I would run to the clouds too, which is exactly what Mike did. Did it stun me as a viewer? Yes and no. Mike was determined at a fresh start at life, and learned that being a convicted felon makes it that much harder to actually land a decent paying job. This leads Mike to the church, where he meets with his childhood priest, who offers him a job: teaching.

Yeah, this was an interesting twist if you ask me. I mean Mike Ross a teacher? I can’t see it, but the more I think about it, he has the skills to do it. However, teaching a bunch of teenagers is no easy task, as Mike’s past came front-and-center on day one, not before he re-gathered his thoughts prepared with suitable ammunition to battle the teens on day 2.

Could I see the firm utilizing Mike in the future, without a doubt, but he will resist the offers for as long as he can, even if Harvey doesn’t agree. I mean what the hell was Harvey thinking visiting Anita Gibbs hoping she’d speak on Mike’s behalf? The woman hates Harvey, and hates Mike, and knows that Harvey conspired something up to get Mike released from prison much sooner than expected. It thought we had seen the end of this legal hotshot, but I think she’ll be around to cause plenty of disruptions into the lives of Harvey and Mike. Speaking of Mike, he barely interacted with Rachel this episode who seems torn about her loyalty. Loyalty to her father or loyalty to the firm that she has been working at for years.

I mean, loyalty should be to family, but its apparent Rachel was not willing to turn her back on the firm that has always had her back, especially when Louis offered her a job as a second-year associate. Yes people, it looks like Rachel is finally about to become a lawyer, after what seemed like ions. I’m intrigued to see how season six will conclude people. With Jessica gone, it’s a whole new ball game, but you never know she might pop-up unexpectedly.