SAN FRANCISCO—A little hummingbird is creating a delay in renovations to the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge. The discovery of a nest with an egg put the project on hold until further notice. The species is known as Anna’s hummingbird. The tiny bird is protected by the  Migratory Bird Treaty Act that forbids the removal of the egg.

The nest was found on the side of a $70 million bridge project. Under the protection act, the tree must stay put until the baby bird moves out.

“We’ve dealt with all sorts of things on every project we’ve worked with in the Bay Area,” said Metropolitan Transportation Commission spokesman Randy Rentschler to CBS Bay Area.

The Richmond Dridge will be getting plenty of upgrades soon that include an upper deck that will enable bikers to get across safely. A third land will also be added to the upper deck to allow traffic to flow smoothly.

Rentschler told KCRD that he is not expected to see an increase in cost, “because there are other tasks that the crew can do in the meantime.”