HOLLYWOOD—As soon as the Tyler Perry hit came back, it’s already time for the season finale for “If Loving You is Wrong.” Last week left me baffled to the core with Ian claiming to know Alex as ‘Jennifer,’ but Alex had no idea who he was or she has major amnesia. Ian was quite detailed in his account of meeting Jennifer sometime ago at the Maxine Hotel, and I seriously suspect Alex has a twin or something because this twist is certainly taking me for a loop.

Edward attempted to cozy up to Lushion, who was not buying a single moment from his frenemy and his attempt to gain information. Hmm, looks like Eddie is concerned about Andrew’s whereabouts, specifically because Larry dropped that hint of information that he has. Yeah, Andrew could be the person that takes Edward down. Rick delivered Lushion some information about Travis stalking a string of ladies who had ties to the church.

Ian’s dark side is emerging and this guy is not who the audience once thought he was, and that started to raise red flags to Lushion. Ian poked about Alex, which again raised suspicions with Lushion. Rick seems to be getting quite close to Kelly and updated her on the latest developments involving her case. So at long last, we finally know: Randal is NOT the father of Alex’s child. However, she suspects in the oddest way that Brad could be the father of her child. He was dumbfounded by the revelation, which almost left Marcie speechless. Oh, this is looking good people.

Bennett was not pleased to learn from Natalie that Randal has been taunting his wife. It became clear that this guy might have a dark side to him that no one knows about. When Bennett came home he found Tanya drawing a painting of a naked Randal peering outside his window. This guy was not pleased. He kicked in the door of Randal’s house and literally trashed it from top to bottom. Wow, I seriously thought this guy was nice, but in a fiery rage he trashed Randal’s home in a way that the neighborhood pariah will never see coming.

Looks like Randal is finally about to meet his match and it’s a long time coming. Alex confessed to the Medical Board that Dr. Ralston did not switch the paternity test and that she was willing to testify in court, but was speechless when she learned that Randal was going to be attending the board meeting. Alex was shivering to have to disclose to Randal that he is NOT the father of Alex’s baby. Larry reviewed the results and confirmed that he is not the father of Alex’s child. He did not take that news well, and if Randal is not the father, I’m dying to discover who is the father of her child?

Esperanza learned that she could have Eddie served with sole custody paperwork for her daughter without hesitation. Larry seemed gleeful in punishing Eddie, as did Steven, as it became clear Esperanza was nervous of move she was about to make. It looks like Esperanza is on the fence about making this move. Steven realized that his flame is scared of Eddie and I can sense that this might be a stunt that sends her former hubby down a darker path than ever before.

Looks like Randal’s bad day is getting worse. Why? Marcie taunted her ex about not being the father of Alex’s baby. To be honest it seems like karma to say the least, and he has no idea what chaos is headed his way when he enters his home. He is going to flip out wondering who sent him a clear message. Randal was an erratic mess, and I was living for every moment of it. He deserves it. The question is who he suspects trashed his house. I suspect he thinks it was Marcie, but little does he know it was Bennett.

This was the episode that just keeps on giving. Larry dropped the bomb to Ian that Alex’s child is not Randal’s and Ian started to suspect that the baby might be his. Ian revealed to his boss that the authorities have found information on Travis’ many victims. Ian is playing a dangerous game, and I can’t say with certainty if he is hoodwinking Larry or if he is actually working against Lushion and company. Ian dropped by Lushion’s house with a young protégé to assist on Kelly’s case. It looks like Ian might be a good guy after all America, so much for the doubts that I had.

Man this undercover agent just can’t seem to catch a break. Brad and Alex stopped by as he wanted a witness on the signing of their divorce papers. Alex signed, but she was hesitant, just as Brad patiently waited. Brad refused to take a DNA test to confirm the possibility that that child might actually be his. Ian chased Alex down to ask if her child could be his, and he had evidence to back up his claim; a picture and the name ‘Peppa.’ Ok, so is Alex just attempting to fool the audience or am I seriously missing something here? This was a thoroughly entertaining finale and I cannot wait to see what other revelations will come forward.

While “If Loving You is Wrong” has come to an end for now, don’t be sad, ‘Temptation Tuesday’ is back in full-force as the second half of season seven of “The Haves and the Have Nots” kicks off on Tuesday, May 7. Oh, it’s going to be good!