HOLLYWOOD─At last, Kelly Isaacs was finally released on Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong.” It seemed like we have been waiting years for this moment, but the drama is only grandeur thanks to Eddie people. This week’s episode, ‘Red Paint’ saw some very interesting developments. Lushion was left speechless by that kiss that Kelly planted on his lips. Kelly probably didn’t see things that way, but as I stated in last week’s column, Natalie will NOT be a happy camper when she learns what transpired.

Eddie was recording the entire situation, planning to utilize that footage so he doesn’t create a scene with his fiancé Natalie. Gosh, I cannot stand this character, he’s such an a**hole. Eddie received a visit from Larry who issued threats about the money he wanted back. Eddie did not seem threatened in the least, but Mr. Willis should be. So we meet the new neighbors once again, who seemed like a fluke at first. I’m still trying to figure out the exact role they will be playing in this final season people.

Tonya started to suspect that Bennett may have done something to Randal, and she’s right. The question is what will Randal do when he discovers the truth? So it’s apparent he has a temper that concerns his wife. Randal issued an apology, hoping to gather Intel about his home being vandalized. Looks like being a psychologist is a good thing for Randal who is able to read people like a book, I loved this standoff between the new neighbors. This is getting good, Bennett dropped a bomb when he revealed he was a former marine and Randal should not test him.

Alex continued to spiral at the country bar, before she found herself being dragged home by Esperanza and Steven. Steven is a damn bad a** he flashed that badge like a pro, just as Esperanza dragged her pal out the bar back to Maxine. Bennett filed a police report against Randal Holmes for harassing his wife, and Rick was not surprised to hear about it. Eddie started to push Bennett’s buttons and he was not the bit pleased to say the least. Eddie wanted to deliver a bullet to Randal’s head, but even Bennett spotted that Eddie is a loose cannon.

Larry decided to offer that public defender, Carl, the opportunity to work at his firm at the rate of $250,000. So is this legal eagle just blowing smoke up this young protégé’s alley or just fishing for information? Yeah, it’s clear that Carl is no idiot. Larry was just doing his best to weasel some information using his skill of persuasion. I will admit Larry is smart, but Carl refused to budge, as threats were issued. Wow, Larry did his best, but didn’t get Carl to cower.

Tonya found herself being pestered once again by Randal, who dug into their garbage can and discovered it was Bennett who vandalized his home. He continued to harass Tonya who was getting annoyed. Tonya created a scene that got the attention of Natalie, as well as Marcie. Natalie confronted her annoying neighbor. She warned him that bad things are headed his way, before she beat him senseless with a wooden stick. Natalie informed Marcie that Randal is up to his same old antics yet again.

Brad and Marcie were stunned to see Alex arrive home, as Esperanza and Steven saw the drunken one home. Brad let Alex know he was taking custody of the kids and the house, as she continued in her drunken stupor. Esperanza tried to talk some sense into Alex who walked out the house and she headed over to the home of Randal for some drinks a bit of pleasure.

The final moments of the episode saw Eddie break into Natalie’s house, who pulled a knife on the dirty cop. Natalie was not happy, that was until Eddie showed that picture of Kelly and Lushion kissing. The drama continues next week “If Loving You is Wrong” lovebirds!