HOLLYWOOD─Last week, the light was finally shined on what Alex has been up to on Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong.” This week’s episode, ‘Under the Influence’ saw Alex being forced to face the consequences of her actions and how she apparently has a memory of her scandalous behavior people. Lushion purposely diverted Brad from Ian’s house to prevent him from seeing Alex in the act. Brad was suspicious, but Lushion got his way for now, but threw Natalie for a loop when he revealed to her what he saw.

Natalie wanted to crash the party, but Lushion informed her otherwise. Back at the police department, Eddie was none too pleased to find himself locked in a jail cell. He continued to run his mouth and ticked off his roommate by continuing to push his racist ideology. He found himself getting beat up. Kelly enjoyed seeing Eddie get a few jabs to the chest and decided to sing to annoy him to the core.

Marcie was reveling in learning about Alex’s transgressions and how they should be tested for STDs as a precaution. Brad had a bit of compassion and it was clear that Marcie was starting to unnerve him, but she decided to give him a break and tend to the newborn. Rick continued to try to charm Pat, who just seemed more annoying than anyone I can think of. She gave him a typed letter with all the information helping Kelly with a sworn affidavit.

Steven paid Kelly a visit, just as Eddie watched from a distance. Eddie accused his foe of getting him locked up, but Steven refused to allow the dirty cop to get his way. Esperanza revealed that she planned to see a therapist, just as she planned to present custody papers to her wicked ex. Oh, to say that Eddie was angry was an understatement people.

Larry is one wild character, and his wife is just as bad as him. He learned from his wife that Ian might be up to some misdeeds with the church. What the hell? Rick and Pat did the dirty deed? No, but he certainly made it appear otherwise. Lushion wanted Natalie to quit her job, but it wasn’t something she agreed to, just as he talked about babies. Rick delivered Lushion that affidavit to help strengthen Kelly’s case.

Randal was still boiling with rage thinking that Brad and Marcie destroyed his house, but little does he know that he is wrong people. Larry poked about cameras being hidden in his pal’s house, and it raised eyebrows that Randal might have footage that he does not want the rest of the world to know about. Thank God, Esperanza clued her pal to stop talking about the incident with Travis before she places herself in deeper trouble.

The moment of truth, Eddie was served with custody papers by his former wife to take full custody of their daughter; Eddie was captured on video losing his temper and making threats and it was glorious TV. The final moments of the episode saw Ian and Alex awaking after their night of passion. Alex was completely aloof as to what transpired; she accused Ian of drugging and raping her.

Next week looks pretty good, as Alex is busted by the entire neighborhood, Eddie goes after Kelly’s evidence and Randal learns he was not Alex’s only secret lover. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “If Loving You is Wrong” love-birds!