SAN FRANCISCO—An illegal underground nightclub operating in the city’s Southern District has been shut down.  Authorities indicated the nightclub was in violation of the COVID-19 restrictions, which closed night life and entertainment venues in March 2020. Multiple agencies are now working on the case.

In April 2020, law enforcement shut down a nightclub that had been operating illegally amid the coronavirus pandemic. The time-lapse video showed more than 150 people entering and leaving the club. Video also showed 20 to 30 cars parked or departing from the building.

Enforcement actions by the San Francisco City Attorney’s Office can lead to fines and citations, which can also bring misdemeanor charges against those who willfully violate public health orders.

There is no update on the nightclub that was recently shut down in February 2021. The San Francisco Police Department released  the following statement: “The SFPD is working with City partners to actively investigate illegal nightclubs in the Southern District and elsewhere in the City. We cannot provide further details at this time due to ongoing investigations.”