SAN FRANCISCO—Two missing children, 4-year old Winnifred and 1-year-old Sean Fang, were found in a stolen car in the Bayview District. On Saturday, February 6 their father, Jeffrey Fang, was making a DoorDash delivery when he parked his car, a 2014 Honda Odyssey.

Fang left his hazard lights on while he got out of the car to deliver the food, while the engine was still running. When he got back to the car, he noticed a stranger in the car. He yelled, but the driver drove off. An Amber Alert was issued  before 11 p.m. on Saturday.

The incident occurred at the 2100 block of Jackson Street in Pacific Heights around 8:45 p.m. After the children were located they were medically evaluated. There is no update from authorities on the suspect in the incident. The San Francisco Police Department noted both of their motorcycle units helped assist in the search of the children.