SAN FRANCISCO—The San Francisco In-and-Out burger chain has been hit with another fine after refusing to become “the vaccine police for the government,” as stated by their business officer, Arnie Wensinger.

The chain refused to follow specific instructions given by local health officials where they would have to actively check every patron’s vaccine status. Wensinger said earlier that the burger chain clearly informed customers about the vaccine requirements.

The Fisherman’s Wharf location, which is the latest In-and-Out location to be fined, was visited by health officials multiple times who found several health ordinance violations. Initially, the inspectors received information from a 311 call where a complaint was made about the lack of vaccine verification at the San Francisco branch.

Contra Costa Health Officials posted notice of violation on October 5 and followed up with a $250 fine as of October 14. Another fine was issued on October 19 for $500.

To adhere to the county’s regulations, the Fisherman’s Wharf location posted an “indoor dining unavailable” sign on their door window shortly after the fines were issued. According to reports, a customer was caught on camera leaving the indoor dining location just a week after the sign was posted. The Fishman’s Wharf Location was the only In-and-Out in the Bay Area’s chain that was ordered to shut down.

The Pleasant Hill location was fined for the same amount as the Fisherman’s Wharf location for not checking the vaccine status of each customer.

California Democratic Party Chair, Eric Bauman wanted to boycott the restaurant after they donated $25,000 to the California Republican Party. In-and-Out has been donating to the Republican party since 2015.