SAN FRANCISCO—Neighbors in the Ingleside District met on Wednesday, October 16 at the Ingleside Library to voice their concerns on the previously blocked alley. According to residents living near the alley, the location is used by the homeless and where drug deals are made.

A woman, who remained anonymous, shared that she got permission from the San Francisco Department of Public Works to install temporary gates at both ends of the alley.

Another neighbor who also remained anonymous, took it upon themselves to block the alley with wooden plywood. 

A resident who lives next to the alley shared a video with ABC7 San Francisco of homeless individuals yelling at each other in the middle of the day. 

The San Francisco News contacted Nails By Lisa, a nail salon right next to the alley for a statement, but they denied to comment on the situation. San Francisco News also reached out to the Department of Public Works, but have yet to receive a comment.