HOLLYWOOD—The time has come people in terms of the HBO comedy series “Insecure.” I will admit and I know I’m not the only person, but this fifth season has been hit and miss. Some episodes strong (the last one was epic), some not so much. Sunday night marked the end of the journey of Issa Dee for audiences and her complicated, crazy, comedic as hell life and the people in her orbit, Molly, Kelli, Tiffany, Lawrence and Nathan people.

So how would it all end people? MAJOR SPOILER alert if you have not watched the episode, stop reading right now. The episode, ‘Everything Gonna Be, Okay?!’ may be decisive for fans of the series. I think some will love it and some will not. Things kicked off with that dreaded car ride home to complete silence. Nathan was not in a talking mood, Issa attempted to converse with her lover, but I KNEW Nathan was going to sever ties the moment things got tough and just like that Issa and Nathan are over. Predictable? Without a doubt. Lawrence apologized to Issa via text, but it was apparent this woman’s world was just blow to bits in the most unexpected way.

Molly stopped by to check in on Issa and realized her pal was in desperate need of talking about the situation that unfolded. Looks like Molly and Taurean are a strong couple, as Issa surprised Molly with a birthday party. Guess who is back in town, Tiffany and Kelli was happy to see her BFF. Issa talked about possibly vacating Los Angeles for newer pastures. Hmm, that could be a sign of things to come people. While Molly was being celebrated, Issa got a surprise birthday party courtesy of Molly. So besties being besties people. Kelli is so hilarious people; comedy genius.

Molly and Kelli pushed their pal to get out of the slumps and focus on dating again or at least having a hookup. The birthday party turned interesting when Nathan popped up. Okay, Issa where are we headed in terms of Issa and that choice: Nathan or Lawrence? It feels like Issa got the closure she needed in regards to her relationship with Nathan, but it felt like a mute point in terms of the narrative. Molly, Issa and Kelli paid Tiffany a visit to Denver to see how life is and Tiff was not happy. Of course, as expected Tiffany hates Denver, as she feels isolated. So Issa is dating someone else, and it’s NOT Lawrence people!?

Molly was busy working while she should be on vacation. Inside Tiffany’s abode, Issa spotted a picture of Lawrence with his child and it brought up memories, prompting Molly to ask her pal to dig deep about her feelings for Lawrence. Molly got devastating news as she learned that her mother died, just as Lawrence was being serenaded with birthday love from his mother. That call got interrupted by Issa who wanted to touch base with her former lover. The conversation started awkward, but it became clear the love for these two is still there people. Jeez, just spill it Issa already, looks like there is always something causing a blockage from these two getting together, notably, Lawrence is dating someone else people. This is what happens when you waste time people, the opportunity can vanish into thin air.

This episode should have been titled ‘Birthday, Okay?!’ I mean Molly, Issa, Tiffany, Kelli, Lawrence, who else is about to celebrate a birthday. Kelli did drop a bomb revealing that she is pregnant. That was a surprise and one I did not expect to say the least people. Issa was feeling a way about the reveal, which I think had her questioning things in her life and her trajectory.

Does Issa want to be with Nasir or not, because I’m NOT sure, just as she got a call from Lawrence that she failed to answer, just as her inner self pushed her to make a decision. I seriously feel like I’m on an emotional high with this series finale. It seems like there are a ton of time jumps in this episode because Molly has grown her hair back, Issa has her own office for The Blocc. Molly is truly struggling with the death of her mother.

All of our characters are growing up and they are growing up very fast. That is how life works; you either grow up or you’re forced to grow up and “Insecure” is teaching the audience that in the best ways. So Kelli works for Molly or works at her firm, look how much has changed in a year people! So this is the moment the audience has been waiting for: Issa and Lawrence finally talking about the status of their relationship as she gave him a tour of her soon to be office.

Yes, the two gave into temptation and shared a passionate kiss and we flash forward one year later and just as predicated, someone got married, but it was NOT Issa people. It was Molly and Taurean who tied the knot people. I think the question everyone wants to know is what happened with Issa and Lawrence? He was indeed at the wedding, so it looks like the two are still together. A touching moment was shared between Molly and Issa showing proof of the power of friendship between these two women who have endured a rollercoaster of situations.

Issa’s career is burgeoning and to top things off she has a beautiful home with Lawrence and is playing stepmom to his son. So it feels like the happy ending the audience expected and we wanted people, just as Issa got a call from Molly wishing her pal happy birthday from Greece. So after five seasons can I say I’m satisfied with the ending of the series? Yes, and I’m thoroughly surprised because I expected to be disappointed, but I think the rollercoaster ride that the audience was delivered throughout the episode helped.

We truly didn’t know how things would end people as the episode progressed and that was a good thing. The only hiccup was the fact that Nathan and Issa’s relationship ended without any solid conclusion if I’m being honest. However, that small hiccup didn’t derail the entire episode, which gave the audience a happy ending from all of our characters. It sucks to say goodbye, but that’s a wrap on “Insecure” people!