HOLLYWOOD—It has seemed like forever since I talked about the one TV series that forced me to indulge in binge-watching. I’m referring to the HBO comedy “Insecure.” The series is the brain-child of actress and writer Issa Rae, and it is phenomenal TV for those of you who have NEVER watched it. Self-deprecating, sensational comedic timing, truthful in ways you don’t want to hear and full of unique characters, the show kicked off Sunday night with its fifth and final season.

The premiere episode, ‘Reunited, Okay?!’ saw viewers finally see the reunion of Issa and Lawrence back together, only to be thrown a loop with the reveal that Lawrence got Condola pregnant. I knew it, I hoped it wasn’t going to happen, but it is where we stand people. In addition, we saw the relationship between Issa and Molly fracture to new points. I’ll be honest, I’ve never been a fan of Molly; the character is just damn annoying. A know it all, who just has to prove her worth at all times. Ugh, that sounds a bit like me people, maybe that’s why it is such a bad character trait. Things kicked off with Tiffany and her hubby back in a great place; as Kelli tagged along as a third wheel. However, we all learned that Tiffany, her husband, Kelli, Issa and Molly were attending their 10 year college reunion at Stanford, where they all met.  It was apparent that Molly’s breakup and Issa’s situation with Lawrence was the talk of the town people.

It was interesting, because you don’t hear people talk about college reunions. You just hear about high school reunions. It was a hilarious moment when Kelli and her pals discovered that the school thought she had died. That was indeed a belly laugh I absolutely needed people. What? Is this Taja V Simpson, who plays Priscilla on “The Oval?” Yes that is indeed her, a past friend of Kelli, Issa and Molly, here name being Cheyenne. Molly ran into an old flame, one who tried to charm her.

So Issa was forced to reflect on dreams she wanted to accomplish, many that never came to fruition. When tough questions were posed, it forced Issa to wonder the directions he is taking in her life. Molly and Issa continued to work on their relationship by sitting, chatting and drinking about their many problems in life. Ugh, I want the Issa and Molly that I remember from season one, two and three; this awkwardness from them is SO HARD TO WATCH!

Kellie was struggling with the fact that everyone considered her a joke, however, the night turned crazy when Issa, Molly and their former pal got robbed at a gas station. What the hell? The ladies were stunned that their pal, Cheyenne was a criminal. The robber was her boy toy. She stole their shoes, purses and expensive jewelry. Wow, wow that was damn wicked people. The fact that Issa and Molly bust out in laughter after being robbed; it left me laughing. It just tells you the friendship between these women is one that is unbreakable.

Of course, the final moments of the premiere episode would bring viewers back to the storylines that we saw eclipsed in the season four finale. Issa and Lawrence still in a relationship, Molly considering a hair change, Tiffany embracing motherhood, and Kelli considering a podcast. I knew this was coming, Issa decided she wanted to end her relationship with Lawrence in the midst of him having a child with Condola. Damn that was heartbreaking. After all the obstacles these two have endured this is how it ends. C’mon, there has to be more people. “Insecure” airs new episodes every Sunday at 10 p.m. on HBO.