HOLLYWOOD—Lawrence and Issa, Isaa and Nathan, who is the audience rooting for on the HBO comedy “Insecure?” I can tell you who I’m rooting for, and in the latest episode, ‘Tired, Okay?!’ we witnessed Issa’s relationship woes continue to unfold. Issa decided to confront his ex and the mother of his child in perhaps one of the most awkward interactions ever. Issa was the bigger person and it broke the ice in an amazing way people.

In a hilarious twist, Issa tossed the baby, kicked Condola into a trash bin and threw out a few harsh words. As the audience is well aware, she was daydreaming of course. Issa was surprised to learn that Lawrence had moved back to Los Angeles from San Francisco. It was apparent that Issa is questioning where things are going in her relationship with Nathan, who caused a bit of friction in his workplace worrying about issues not of his concern.

Issa stuck around the hospital showing support to Molly, who had to handle some business with her firm, but her mind was in the wrong mindset. I’m enjoying having a bit more laughter this episode compared to previous episodes this season. The Bloc was busy marketing, but it seems things with Crenshawn may have soured because he hasn’t spoken positively about Issa. Molly got to know her colleagues a bit better with drinks that led to her waking up in a daze, not realizing she slept with her boss, one who she is NOT fans of.

She thought she may have slept with him, but she did not, and realized she let loose after those drinks people. Hmm, Molly maybe you want to slow down on those drinks. If I must admit, Crenshawn is a bit of an a** and he’s hurting her company greatly which is a major issue if I’m speaking from the perspective if this happened in real life.

Suge and Nathan had a bit of friction, and he decided to call out his co-worker and his mental illness. Awkward, brutal, that was just a few of the words that came to mind after listening to that conversation. Molly was giving a presentation, but unfortunately lost her focus because her phone kept vibrating, but her co-worker saved her tail. Molly finally shared with Torian what was transpiring with her mother and not letting the cat out of the bag.

Both of them seemed to be going through crazy personal situations, but managed to keep things together. Another fantasy between Issa and Condola that was hilarious as well people, just as we transitioned to Molly learning that her mother awoke from her coma. Torian and Molly shared a moment, very interesting people, just as Nathan alerted Issa he might bounce from the barbershop that he is currently working at. He dropped another bomb admitting he might leave Los Angeles.

Issa dropped the “L” word and wanted to hear what Nathan thought and it caused him to lash out a bit. They had a fight and Nathan put it all on the table and it was obvious Issa was not in the mood to hear any of it. Yeah, talk about an awkward dinner people. Things will NOT end well that much I can confirm. This was indeed one of the better episodes since the start of the season, so it feels like the series might be moving in the right direction as we move towards the series finale.