“Insidious Chapter 2” Is Indeed Scary

Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson reprise their roles as Renai and Josh Lambert

HOLLYWOOD—I recall seeing a PG-13 movie titled “Insidious” back in April 2011.  I didn’t really think the picture would be scary because I hadn’t heard much about it, but boy was I in for a treat.  I have never experienced a picture so haunting in a long time.  Fast-forward to September 2013, and we have the sequel to that movie “Insidious: Chapter 2.”

Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson reprise their roles as Renai and Josh Lambert, the couple who fought incredible odds to rescue their son from a possessed spirit. What made the first picture so horrifying was director James Wan’s use of the camera to deliver those ‘gotcha moments’ that literally came out of nowhere.  Audiences can expect the same thrills with this installment. Of course things go bump in the night, but there are those suspense-filled moments that grabs the audiences attention when you least expect it, which makes this sequel a worthy must-see.

The movie opens with the Lambert family thinking the evil forces that have haunted them long gone, but anyone who saw the first picture is well aware of that cliffhanger that indicated Josh was possessed by that spirit in the final moments. As supernatural events begin to take place around the family, they question if the evil is still haunting them, especially when Josh (Wilson) begins to display odd behavior.  Barbara Hersey reprises her role as Lorraine Lambert, Josh’s mother who knew a bit more about the eerie happenings than her son and his wife.

I will admit I am not a fan of pictures that make it clear from the trailer to reveal the ‘secret’ behind some sort of madness.  That is the thing that drives the viewer to continue to speculate. The ‘not knowing’ factor is why some horror films work so much better than others. The motive does not always have to be explained, especially if the revelation does not live up to its expectations. It happens time and time again with many movies.

Wan who has proved his craft behind the camera, as well as a storyteller, weaves a chilling tale of ghosts gone wild to terrorize a family.  Wan’s partner, Leigh Whannell helped formalize the script; they previously worked together on the 2004 thriller “Saw.” With Halloween right around the corner, this is the perfect flick to get in the mood for spooky outings!

By LaDale Anderson