SAN FRANCISCO—On Tuesday, September 1, SFO’S international terminal “Concourse A”  reopened before the start of the Labor Day weekend. The San Francisco International International Airport (SFO) Twitter account tweeted:

“International Terminal A is officially back open at #SFO! @KLM was first arrival this morning at Boarding Area A. #OnwardAndUpward.”

There has not been a lot of flight activity at the terminal in April, the international terminal was shut down over the course of four months due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

San Francisco International Airport’s Public Information Officer, Doug Yakel, sent a press release to the San Francisco News that stated:

“Boarding Area A, which houses Gates A1 – A15, will reopen on September 1, 2020, to accommodate the continuing return of international flights at SFO. The Airport has been operating all international flights on a single concourse since the closure”.

The airport installed numerous hand sanitizer dispensers throughout its airport in preparation and to safely run operations.

For travelers who have not been to the airport since the closure of Boarding Area A, you will see some of the following changes that have been performed by SFO Facilities maintenance staff:

  • Installation of physical distancing signage and marking
  • Installation of clear plastic barriers to support physical distancing
  • Expedited repair and maintenance of moving walkways and escalators
  • Repair and repainting of interior surfaces
  • Repainting of markings on tarmac
  • Replacement of lamps with LED lighting for reduced maintenance and energy use
  • Replacement of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) filters
  • Replacement of ceiling tiles where needed
  • Replacement of metal finishes
  • Inspection and repair of doors
  • Inspection and repair of fire alarms and fire sprinklers

“#SFO Harvey Milk Terminal 1 is now a Quiet Terminal, joining the international Terminals and Terminal 3 in providing a calmer, more relaxed atmosphere with fewer distractions. Flight announcements are still being made at the departure gate, but no where else #paxrex,” the SFO tweeted.