HOLLYWOOD—Well, “The Bold and the Beautiful” kicked off May Sweeps in a big way with a big return to the canvas and a shocking (but not really if you think about it) reveal. For starters, Ivy Forrester is back in Los Angeles and has her eye on Liam Forrester. I completely forgot for a time being that during that battle for Liam’s heart between Steffy and Hope, Liam dated Ivy.

Yes, she was the Forrester that seemed to keep Liam at his calmest. She didn’t have to fight for his affection, he just gave it to her and didn’t waffle back to Steffy or Hope. With that said, Ivy wasted no time planting a kiss right on Liam and guess who got a full picture of that smooch, it was a bit much for Steffy.

Like really? Steffy, why do you care who Liam is sharing kisses with? You two are no longer together and he is no longer with Hope for that matter either. You both should be happy that Ivy is back in town because she can occupy Liam’s time. Steffy you can now focus on your chaotic marriage to Finn and trust me you’re going to need it. While Hope can do her best to try to figure out what precisely is going on with your love-life because it definitely feels like you might have eyes for Finn.

Yes, Thomas may have broken Hope’s heart like she did to him, but it seems like Hope might be eager to deliver a bit of payback to Steffy for poking her nose where it doesn’t belong. To be honest, I’m thrilled to see Ivy back in town because no one gets underneath Steffy’s skin more than her cousin Ivy, and I love it. Ivy holds Steffy to the fire for her antics, and a lot of those antics are directly connected to that situation involving Ally Forrester, who Steffy killed when she struck her with that tire iron.

I’m still peeved that Ivy deleted that footage and didn’t turn it over to the authorities and let Steffy face the music a bit. There could have been a better way for the writers to force Steffy to face the music about having to kill her cousin versus just acting like it was an accident and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

With that said, Steffy’s world was rocked when Finn broke the news that Sheila Carter is very much alive and was being held hostage by Sugar, a friend turned foe who looks just like Sheila. Steffy, you killed Sugar, not Sheila, so the mother-in-law from hell is very much still a part of your life and is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Sheila shared her ordeal with Fin and Deacon spilling that she had been held captive. However, I still question if Sheila was in on the plan all along? It would be so like Sheila to do such a thing. I mean someone over taking this woman locking her in a secluded building and chaining her just feels so far-fetched.

The biggest question is WHY? Why in the world would Sugar want to do this, what was her end game? Did she want to take over Sheila’s life or is there something we don’t see Sheila is free, Finn has promised his mother she has a place in his heart, and they will never be apart. Looks like Sheila might get what she has always wanted. What does this mean? It means that Ridge, Brooke, Carter, Steffy and Hope should prepare for Sheila to be in their lives a lot longer than they ever expected.

One thing is for sure, Sheila was just ‘killed’ so I don’t expect her to be killed again to send the character off the canvas. The big question to know is how long Sugar has been impersonating Sheila. Has all the devious deeds that were committed at the hands of Sheila or was Sugar partaking in a few things for her pal. I feel like more secrets and surprises are coming our way because it feels a bit too easy considering the audience knows fully that Sheila Carter was alive the entire time.