HOLLYWOOD—Well, I was hoping that little bombshell that Dina revealed about the paternity of her son Jack Abbott was not true, but it seems lives are about to be rocked on “The Young and the Restless.”  Jack was certain to prove everyone wrong about his paternity, so he decided to conduct a DNA test using Billy and the results were devastating. Jack discovered the man he idolized, the man who he did everything in his power to be, is not his biological father.

Yes, that is indeed a tough pill to swallow for someone as prideful and honorable as Jack Abbott. Phyllis, Billy, Ashley, Abby and even Kyle did their best to show support for Jack, but the news was a bit too much for this prideful man to absorb. I discussed it last week in my column and I’ll say it again this week, Michael Mealor is killing it as Kyle Abbott. The actor brings such a level of range to a character that once had a personality like a piece of paper. I mean that confrontation scene he had with Jack was fun, but seeing him rail into Nikki about her role in his mother Diane’s death was explosive. The youngster has plenty of range as an actor and he is showcasing it in epic fashion. This is the first time in a longtime where I can say a recast actually panned out for the better.

Let’s return the focus back to Jack, who has turned to the bottle hard to deal with the news about his paternity. While his family has been able to help, the one guy who has always been an ally to Jack, Neil provided his listening ear which helped put Jack at ease; he knows his life has changed, but at the same time it’s not the end of the world. However, things got worse for Jack after he got behind the wheel while intoxicated and it did not end well. No Jack is not dead, but it is evident this is just a sign of things to come in the near future.

We talked about Jack, and now it’s time to discuss his niece Abby. Abby is like a firecracker, similar to Kyle; she says what is on her mind and doesn’t regret it. She suspected Kyle as the culprit of that footage being aired about Jack that was left on the cutting room floor. Abby’s instinct is correct it was not Kyle, and she turned her attention to her father, Victor. Yes, as a viewer it seems so apparent that Victor may have played a role in Jack’s paternity being revealed, but he’s such a red herring it makes no sense. So if Victor and Kyle didn’t commit the dastardly deed, the question that is leaving me bonkers is who the hell did?

The only person that comes to mind is Billy, but I don’t see him doing that to his brother, but I just remembered, they’re no longer brothers, well, in terms of blood. So if the writers are utilizing this ‘who did it’ stunt, I hope the reveal is one that not only makes sense, but delivers a few shocks to the audience at the same time. Last week, we didn’t really talk about the J.T. drama much, but this week things are back in the forefront for a number of reasons. Why?

Well, Victoria and Phyllis have returned to town. However, a major thorn in the issue is Nick. Once this guy sets his sights on something, he never dismisses it. He’s offered a reward for news about J.T.’s whereabouts, not to mention a police scanner. Sharon had to utilize a Trump card (let’s face it, the writers were already headed in this direction anyway) of seducing Nick to get him off her back. The sparks between the two would make you think they were a new couple, but after years of being apart it makes perfect sense.

This is really a game of which of the four ladies will crack first. I was certain it was Sharon, but at this point I think it will be Nikki. I mean I totally forgot this woman has a history of murdering people unfortunately. First, her father (and rightfully so), then Diane and now J.T., it leaves one wondering who is next? I mean exactly what are the writers aiming for with Nikki Newman, it actually has me scared a bit to say the least.

Victoria seems like the most likely at this point, because while the departure from Genoa City served as a distraction, Paul is not letting up. With Nick getting closer and closer to the truth, I’m certain she will crack first, and she did with Paul, but she didn’t tell the whole story. Not in a million years do I expect Phyllis to crack under the pressure. The woman knows how to guard a secret as if her life depended on it, which let’s be honest it does. With Billy as CEO of Jabot the Abbott family is in complete turmoil now, and Jack’s recent crash only further heightens the turmoil. So the question all “Young and Restless” fans want to know: who is Jack Abbott’s father? If it is not John Abbott, the revelation better be one hell of a bombshell.