HOLLYWOOD—I just don’t know what to say about what is happening on “The Young and the Restless.” Jack Abbott feels like he is making the biggest mistake possible by proposing marriage to Diane Jenkins. Yeah, the woman who faked her death and let people think she was dead for years, popped back into his life in less than a year and he’s ready to place a ring on her finger? I cannot understand it, I just think Jack is lonely and he belongs with Red aka Phyllis Summers, but Phyllis’ rage when it comes to Diane is impossible to escape.

Diane and Jack are in Paris, but they are about to soon discover Phyllis is not the only person to worry about, Jeremy Stark is a bigger threat then they realize people. His persistence has paid off with him getting Phyllis on his side to take down Diane at all costs. Phyllis ugh this is not going to end well for you when it comes to Jack, Kyle and Summer. Summer and Kyle got deceived by Phyllis and let me just point out, what the hell is Summer doing?!

Look, I’m still getting accustomed to this new Summer, but her prodding to try to get Sally to reunite with Adam is slightly annoying. Allison Lanier’s (Summer) being catty is not the same as Hunter King people and it just doesn’t resonate on the small screen. Summer knows her mother’s admission that she isn’t working with Jeremy is a lie so that suspicion is building people.

However, this war is brewing between Adam and Nick over Sally’s affections is heating up. Adam is not ready to let go of Sally as she is carrying his baby. Adam and Sally I do love them together and I must admit their chemistry sizzled from the moment the writers paired them together.

When Sally first dumped Adam and moved to Nick Newman I was not buying it at all. However, over time I became smitten with the two, so seeing them aligned is just fun and exciting and for once I would like to see Nick win over Adam, who seems to always land in second place unfortunately in the love department. Nick deserves that happy ending, just as much as Adam. He has already delivered one blow by not being the father of Sally’s baby, so I don’t think I can take seeing him lose Sally also unless and I mean unless he reunites with Sharon. Could this possibility be in the works? The writers are not headed in that direction just yet, but things could change.

In other relationship news, Nate and Victoria are still getting hot and heavy behind office doors. Victoria has nothing to lose so she doesn’t care, but Nate, you’re with Elena, so why are you kissing your boss? Making matters worse is the fact that Elena can sense the distance between her lover and when you have someone like Audra wanting to stir trouble, I’m not surprised with what is going to happen in the near future. Audra dropped a hint to Elena about Nate and Victoria and the tension is starting to build people. That fact that Victoria is attempting to break up a happy couple says so much about her character people.

Tucker McCall is still playing with fire when it comes to Victor Newman. Both Victoria and Victor are trying to gain control of McCall Unlimited, but with Ashley purchasing all of Tucker’s debt it has left them for a loss of words people. Ashley is keeping her cards close to her vest and I’m actually glad she made the power move. She is in the driver seat when it comes to what happens to Tucker, not Victor who has been known to throw his weight around more times than I can count. It is nice to see Victor Newman not get his way for once. Now something tells me that Victor is going to find a way to weasel himself into power that can cause some serious issues with Tucker, Ashley and the Newman clan in the coming weeks.

However, Tucker took Ashley’s advice to sell his company to Devon and to keep it in the family. Devon has every reason not to trust his father, but look here people this is a welcome change that I am excited to see. There needs to be some level of repair with father and son considering what Tucker was aiming to do with Devon’s actual company. We hear it time and time again you cannot choose your family people. They are the ones that will hurt you to the core and sometimes you just have to suck it up and move on.