SAN FRANCISCO—On Monday, April 26, San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin charged Joseph Williams with the murder of a 7-month-old boy. Williams and his girlfriend were in charge of caring for Baby S, later identified as Synciere Williams by the San Francisco Chronicle. On April 20, after an hour alone with Williams, the infant was taken to California Pacific Medical Center on Franklin Street with head injuries and later died. 

Williams is being charged with murder. There is no biological relation between the accused and the victim.  On April 23, the District Attorney’s Office filed a motion asking a judge to impede Williams’ freedom without bail prior to the trial due to his failed “control [of] his temper” with the baby.

Williams has an alleged history of domestic violence and in the past four months, had been accused twice by his girlfriend of such violence. Due to the lack of evidence, prosecutors could not charge him. His girlfriend is not the mother of Baby S.

Boudin’s office ensured the family and public that, “In light of this tragedy, we will be reviewing all policies related to charging domestic violence crimes, including discussions with our law enforcement partners to ensure we are all using best practices to obtain admissible evidence and to support victims.”

No other details have been released about the incident to the public.