HELLO AMERICA!—We have all watched the brilliant dancing of Julianne Hough and her brother Derek Hough for many seasons of ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” and it was quite obvious they were special in every way. Julianne was a two-time champion and even served as a judge for two seasons of the show. Her professional instincts seem to be right on point whenever she decides to make a career move.

When she decided to strike out on her own as a headliner, it turned out being an extraordinary move forward because she was headlined in such films as “Dirty Grandpa,” “Rock Of Ages,” “Safe Haven” and the “Footloose” remake film which was an instant hit again.

She made a very wise move when deciding to join with her brother Derek and Tessandra Chavez as a “Trio” touring major cities resulting in them walking away with an Emmy in 2015 for choreography on “DWTS.” When finally speaking with Julianne about her career goals, she laughed and simply replied, “I just go out there and do the best I can.

All my life I’ve watched films starring fantastic dancers such as Eleanor Powell, Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, all the great dancers of film and I just want to do what they managed to do as artists. They were inspiring, allowed me to dream and create poetic body forms, ones which made people relax and forget all the drama they face from day to do. It’s the same way I feel about acting or singing, it removes much of the frustration and pain you face every day of your life. I just want to make people believe that it’s ok to dream and believe in things that are beautiful.

A film I watched as a very young girl was “The Red Shoes,” an English film produced in the 1950s and it had a tremendous effect on me. It was about a ballerina who couldn’t stop dancing, it was her life, the reason why she existed and I easily understood her and I’ve never forgotten her struggle to be what she was born to be. Any time I get depressed or emotionally low, I get the film out to watch and I’m totally restored.”

Julianne is also branching into clothing design in collaboration with MPG Active wear. “I have always enjoyed putting things together, playing around with patterns and since I have been so lucky with my other creative aspirations, I thought why not and see where it might lead. I believe if you have an idea that means a lot to you if possible try and find a way in making it a reality. This is what my brother Derek and I have been brought up to believe and so far we’ve been very lucky.”