SAN FRANCISCO—Four students were injured during a shooting at the June Jordan High School for Equity parking lot on Tuesday, October 18 at approximately 3:17 p.m.

When first-responders arrived at the scene, located between Brazil and La Grande Avenue, one of the four students was in critical condition with a gunshot wound to her chest. Four male suspects were seen fleeing the scene, heading west on Brazil Avenue, according to reports.

June Jordan High School Junior Fernando Rodriguez, 16, recalled hearing around six “pops” while walking down a hallway, the SF Gate reported. Teachers immediately began to assemble students into nearby classrooms preparing for a “lock-out,” meaning no one was allowed to leave or enter the campus.

Still unaware of the shooter(s) whereabouts, school officials contacted the San Francisco Police Department. Upon arrival, officers confirmed that the shooting had taken place outside and that the suspects had fled the scene.

SFPD officers went from classroom to classroom ensuring the safety of each student before “deeming it safe and secure” said Officer Giselle Talkoff in a statement.

Investigators believe the shooting was targeted at one student, however the motives remain unclear.

@SFPD tweet June Jordan school shooting information.
@SFPD tweet June Jordan school shooting information.

SFPD Spokesperson Carlos Manfredi stated that the female victim, “was shot in the upper extremities and suffered life-threatening injuries.” The other three victims were all males, which suffered non-critical wounds.  According to Brent Andrews of San Francisco General Hospital, details regarding the treatment of the victims cannot be disclosed because they are minors.

The school has made the decision to remain open and is taking measures to improve campus security and emotional support options for their students.

“The school will provide grief counselors and extra security,” said Heidi Anderson, spokesperson for the school district. Police officers are still looking for more information on the spotted suspects.