Justice Or No Justice?



Trayvon Martin

UNITED STATES—The Trayvon Martin case has polarized America. On Saturday, July 13 in the evening hours across America an uproarious outcry rippled across many homes with a jury of six women finding George Zimmerman not guilty of second degree murder or manslaughter. The reason this case has been such a hot button issue is because it addresses an issue of racial profiling which is prevalent inAmerica.  George Zimmerman, a grown man and known neighborhood watchman followed 17 year-old Trayvon Martin as he walked home.

An alleged scuffle took place which resulted in Zimmerman fatally shooting Martin.  It’s important to point out that Martin was not armed during the incident. Florida’s stand your ground law enacts that a person has the right to defend themselves if an imminent threat is present.  That’s the biggest issue with this case in my opinion; if indeed a scuffle occurred between both parties I can see the defense arguing the self-defense issue. However, Zimmerman was the forceful party in this case because of the fact that he was told by authorities to not follow Martin, who Zimmerman suspected of being up to criminal activity.  Not only was Zimmerman armed, but he had intent.  Why?  He specifically disregarded officer’s warnings and took matters into his own hands fatally killing an unarmed child.

How in the world could this jury of six women not take into consideration that important fact?  He disregarded police orders when he contacted them to not follow the teen.  That’s a blatant slap in the face to the legal system in my opinion, as Zimmerman had INTENT to take matters into his own hands.  Had he followed orders as given over the phone we would not be here today discussing this case.  A young teen would not be dead, a family would not be mourning, Zimmerman would not be in the national spotlight, another decisive issue revolving race wouldn’t be under the microscope, but it is.

While no criminal charges can be sought after Zimmerman, I have a feeling that a civil case/suit against him is coming. It’s almost similar to the incident involving O.J. Simpson; while he was found not guilty in criminal court, in civil court he was found guilty and forced to pay millions to the family of Ron Goldman.  I see something along these lines hitting the media blitz in the coming days or week, as their has already been talk of the federal government getting involved in the case, looking at the potential of Trayvon Martin’s civil rights being abused. It’s an uphill battle to prove such in a case, where little evidence exists indicating the case as racially motivated.

The most alarming news is the fact that one of the jurors on the case was looking to write a book detailing the trail and her experience.  When I first heard this, I couldn’t help, but say ‘seriously?’  It’s a quick cash grab, what other reason would this juror need to write a book detailing the events of the trial.  In my honest opinion, who cares?  I’m starting to question the credibility of the juror.  Was her goal just to make a quick buck?  Did she take the case seriously?

The media backlash after the news was released caused the agent who was working the deal to back out.  This is the first time that I can say, thank you to social media outlet Twitter to putting an end to such a travesty before it could even begin. The juror should be ashamed of herself, for attempting to make a quick buck, and then after realizing how the public perceived it she decides to back out. Shame on you, shame on you!

This case has indeed polarized the American public; people are divided, either you are rooting for Trayvon Martin or you are rooting for George Zimmerman.  Even Hollywood celebs have gotten in on the controversy paying tribute and letting their voices be heard via social media.  To me this case once again proves the consistent problem with the jury system inAmerica.  We love to believe the idea that you can have an unbiased jury. The unfortunate side effect is can you really have an unbiased jury when the media has a way of influencing the way that people think.

Think about how many networks have reported this case in favor of the victim or the suspect in the case.  It warps your mind, no matter what you say, there is not a single person that can tell me they do not consume the news via the radio, the television, the newspaper or the Internet.  Technology is inescapable nowadays, because you can even access it on your phone. So was justice served in this case?

By Trevor Roberts