SAN FRANCISCO—Forty Kayakers flooded the San Francisco Bay on Saturday, July 18 to protest Arctic drilling, according to the Center of Biological Diversity.

About 30 to 40 non-aquatic protestors crowded Pier 40 to join the fight against giving Royal Dutch Shell PLC from the Hague, Netherlands approval to drill from President Obama.

Some say the drilling is the leeway to a similar disaster that just took place during the Santa Barbara oil spill back in May. The drilling released 101,000 gallons of gook near the oceans, washing up onto shorelines nearly 100 miles away. The cleanup work is said to be about 98 percent done. with the estimated cleanup cost at $92,000.

The Center of Biological Diversity attorney, Kristen Monsell, said in a statement that, “the recent pipeline rupture near Santa Barbara showed how damaging coastal oil spills can be, but harsh conditions in the Arctic would make a cleanup impossible and do irreparable damage to the environment.”

A series of protest recently took place last month in the Port of Seattle, where dozens of environmental activists on kayaks set to delay Shell from stationing its rigs in waters off the coast of Alaska in the Chukchi Sea.

About 17 similar protests were going on around the country at the time of the current protest.