HELLO AMERICA!─I have always been impressed with those with certain individual talents which are obviously superior to those around him or her. Usually, one can spot them by the way they enter a room, listen to a speech or lecture or when observing the talent of others. For example, when meeting Bette Davis for the first time at Jimmy Cagney’s retirement gathering, she looked and spoke with me as if she was just as interested in my life as I was hers.

She made me feel important and worthy of being a part of that kind of iconic industry gathering. This human connecting experience was the same when meeting Jack Warner for the first time. It was wonderful to feel liked and respected by those or someone who had achieved so much, career-wise. When meeting actor, teacher, voice-over performer Kenny Buguen, it was extremely gratifying to experience the same human connectable qualities.

When meeting Kenny Buguen, while attending Dominican University of California was a thrill because he was French with a beautiful musical sounding French accent, one which I had worked extremely hard to emulate singing certain French folk songs and arias. He had the charm of a Charles Boyer or even Marice Chavalier, two of my acting idols. Immediately, Kenny and I struck up a friendship, he seemed to quickly understand my hunger to write something special for TV or film; he was sensitive to the kind of music which supported story-line or an actor’s every move when dealing with the camera. So much so, I insisted that one of my writers for sitcom “Studio House,” starring Ruta Lee, a beloved iconic star must have him as her leading man in the film.

When Ruta inquired about his background I quickly clued her in on this guy and when I played a disc with Buguen’s voice, she yelled, “WOW,” the gals will go nuts over him, he has that special French charm.” French Magazine Paris, France. Not only that Buguen was convinced to act/direct a video for the U.C. Davis language department. As for even more training, he spent time at the Marin Actors Workshop, under the guidance of Terry McGovern, and later the Acting Conservatory Theater in San Francisco.

Kenny’s voice over work was recognized by being honored with the “Goldman Environmental Prize.” Not only that, his unique voiceover talent was sought in places such as London, England. He was signed for assorted Jingles and commercials. Ones, such as Game Loft (video game), Dungeons Gems, Ordering Chaos, Dungeon Hunter, and Kenny’s distinctive voice talent has been used to promote Apple 1 phone G3 (Linguistic Supervisor) France and Canada.

Let’s face it, the guy is hot and everybody is begging for his special sound. Transvideo Television – Mountain View, Ca. (CA. Facebook Commercial). Recently, he is being sought after by the likes of Sausalito, CA. (EMC Indus.) Band of America – San Francisco and ROED, Oakland, CA.

So, if you hear a distinctive, charming, warm voice exploding through your radio or TV screen, believe me, people it is that of Kenny Buguen.