SAN FRANCISCO—King Tides are expected to affect the San Francisco Bay Area on Monday, November 16.

According to a Coastal Flooding Advisory by the National Weather Service, the King Tides will result in “minor coastal overflow and flooding into low lying areas along the immediate coastline and San Francisco Bay. High tide heights on Tuesday through the late week will slowly diminish, but Tuesday morning’s high tide may warrant an extension of the coastal flood advisory.”

The National Weather Service said they expect the coastal flooding advisory to remain in effect until 2:00 p.m. Monday, “High tide will occur mid to late morning with low tide in the afternoon and early evening.” The areas to watch out for Monday are Point Reyes 10:35 a.m. at 7.05 feet, San Francisco 11:26 a.m. at 6.91 feet, Monterey 10:14 a.m. at 6.67 feet, the National Weather Service noted.

The NWS expects marshes and sloughs to experience minor seawater overflow into low lying areas such as “roadways/underpasses and sidewalks. People visiting beaches may lose entry and exit to coves and narrow beaches.”

The National Ocean Service explained that the term “King Tide” is a non-scientific term used to describe unusually high tides.

“Tides are long-period waves that roll around the planet as the ocean is ‘pulled’ back and forth by the gravitational pull of the moon and the sun as these bodies interact with the Earth in their monthly and yearly orbits.” The National Ocean Service said that higher than normal tides “typically occur during a new or full moon and when the Moon is at its perigee, or during specific seasons around the country.”