HOLLYWOOD—The jig is officially up for Kristen DiMera on “Days of Our Lives.” We knew the walls were closing in with Stefan and Gabi learning about Kristen’s return from the dead. However, who would have ever expected John Black of all people to unmask the woman who has been a thorn in his life, Sami’s life, Marlena’s life and now Brady and Eric’s for the past few years.

Kristen was livid, as all of Salem saw the villainess in her true glory at John and Marlena’s celebration. She wasn’t going down without a fight and utilized a gun per usual to try to weasel her way out, but not this time. She found herself in cuffs at the police station, and what she revealed was epic. How so? Brady feeling duped yet again, learned from Kristen that not only is Holly alive, but so is Nicole.

So after all this fakery, Nicole is very much alive, just as Eric moved on with Sarah. This blows majorly America because we know Eric will drop Sarah quicker than you can count to three as soon as he comes face-to-face with Nicole. Kristen spilled all sorts of tea with Brady hoping to win his heart back, which led to Tony being arrested for Ted’s murder. Yes, just as Anna and Tony were reunited they were ripped apart again. Xander looks like he is petrified of the fact that Kristen might be the one person to finally end his reign of terror. To be honest, it would be long overdue America. The guy has weaseled out of so many situations that he should have NEVER had the opportunity to do.

The one silver lining is that is seems Xander may have turned over a new leaf. He revealed that Holly was alive to Eric, Sarah and Maggie. They didn’t believe him, but he was adamant it was true. He is getting that redemption arc people, so maybe the villain known as Xander Cook is no more. I think that is a testament directly to Sarah Horton. He is smitten by her, but her heart is with Eric, well not for long.

However, as one tale ends, we have another juicy and I mean juicy one getting ready to rise to the forefront involving a foe from Kate’s past, Vivian Alamain, who will be hitting Salem just as the month of September kicks off. Kate might be a power player at DiMera enterprises, but her world is about to be rocked by the woman she killed, and we all know Vivian is devious when it comes to getting revenge, all I have to say is everyone remembers Carly being buried alive be Vivian all those years ago. Vivian will indeed want revenge for Kate ‘killing’ her in cold bold.

Stefan and Gabi confessed their feelings for one another, and with Kate now in power, that only makes the situation at DiMera Enterprises that much worse. Chaos is erupting in Salem people, and with Vivian’s return, audiences should prepare for the return of Abigail and Chad, who are expected to have a major arc in the coming weeks. I can’t wait!