HOLLYWOOD—I knew surprises were headed our way on the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful,” but never in a million years did I ever expect what happened last Friday to take place. We knew Thomas was unhinged, when in so many words he contributed to Emma losing control of her car, crashing into a ditch and dying. With that being said, this week, he lost it as he tore into Douglas for telling the truth about Phoebe being Beth. For a moment, we saw some terrific acting from Thomas’ portrayer Matthew Atkinson, who had a breakthrough when Douglas revealed how much he loved his daddy.

I mean it was a moment that tugged at your emotions; we thought we were seeing a breakthrough in Thomas, but then he revealed that he knew where Hope was and the crazy switch immediately turned back on in Thomas. He immediately bolted looking for his wife, as Amelia alerted Brooke and Ridge that Douglas was with Thomas, which had them scared to their stomach. You know it’s a problem when even Ridge realizes that his son is unhinged.

With that being said, Hope was busy packing up Beth’s things, when out of nowhere Thomas showed up. Hope was scared and it really amplified when he placed his hands on her. When she got a moment to flee, Hope didn’t hesitate and headed outdoors with Thomas following. He refused to let her go, as he once again had his hands clutching Hope preventing her from leaving. Brooke arrived and tussled a bit with Thomas to free her daughter. During that attempt, Brooke pushed Thomas, just as Ridge arrived, and sent Ridge’s only son tumbling down a cliff.

Ridge was in horror, Brooke was in horror, Hope was in horror, was Thomas dead? Of course not, but things are not looking good. Just when I thought Thomas couldn’t blow up any more lives, Ridge and Brooke’s marriage is really about to be on the rocks with this latest stunt. Ridge thinks and he’s not wrong, when he says Brooke intentionally pushed Thomas over the edge, but she was protecting her daughter, so what does he expect.

We saw the introduction of Dr. Hayward portrayed by Emmy winner Vincent Irizarry, who went to work doing his best to save Thomas’ life. Ridge without a doubt blames his wife for Thomas’ current predicament, while Bill Spencer of all people doesn’t feel the least bit of remorse for the guy who played a role in keeping Beth from her father. Bill wants blood from a lot of people, Flo, Reese, Zoe, Xander and Thomas. We KNOW Bill can be ruthless to people who are family, so just imagine what he’ll do to everyone else.

Liam, while horrified by Thomas’ situation did not feel the least bit sad about learning about Thomas being tossed off a cliff. If anything Liam gloated about Thomas’ predicament, which led to Ridge ready to unleash his fury, and unless you were Thomas, Steffy or Douglas, Ridge spared no expenses. Others not feeling remorseful for Thomas include Bill, Katie, Justin and Wyatt. While shocked by the outcome, in their eyes it was karma for all of Thomas’ devious acts.

Ridge was rooting for his son, but also was Steffy. I mean for these two, this is vital because Ridge already lost his daughter Phoebe to a car crash, while Steffy doesn’t want to lose another sibling. My question is where the hell is Taylor? Your son is clinging to life, get your tail to the hospital ASAP. Why?

The audience would be treated to another catfight between Taylor and Brooke. I mean I was appalled when Hope told Ridge she was not frightened by Thomas. Girl, as soon as Thomas popped up your body was riddled with fear. That was guilt speaking, and if anything Hope you should have stood by your mother’s side. Looks like Flo might get a redemption arc courtesy of Quinn thanks to Shauna, but her bond with the Logan clan has forever been broken.