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Lackluster Customer Service

When it comes to banking I expect to receive stellar service.

UNITED STATES—Customer service, what happened to it? I remember the golden days where it was apparent that businesses and companies cared greatly about how they treated their customers. That does not seem to be the case nowadays America. I mean we expect it in the retail world, and for the most part I haven’t seen a ton of bad service when it comes to grocery stores, clothing stores or other everyday places.

The biggest shift I’ve seen with terrible customer service is when it comes to utilities that we pay for. Things like Cable, Internet, Phone, Gas, Electricity, Car Insurance, Health Insurance, Home Insurance, the list goes on and on. This is majorly big in my opinion, when it comes to banking and internet, phone and Cable packages. I’ve seen some major issues in the past 3 months with my bank. That has been something that has irked me to great lengths. I did not share this tale, but I am because it’s important. I have been banking at the same bank for nearly 10 plus years, and I’ve only had 2 incidents where I really was peeved, there is worse terminology, to be honest it was horrid.

The first time one of the teller’s seemed to profile me and I was pissed. This is a bank that I had frequented for years and to receive such service I was none the least happy and I made it known to the bank’s branch manager and to the corporate company. I think that teller knew she was in trouble and rightfully so. You don’t judge a book by its cover America, why so many people can’t grasp that I will never know. Fast-forward to a few months later, and the same bank yet again, I receive horrid service from one of its tellers. This woman just looked like she had a terrible attitude to begin with. I could see it when she walked up to the window, and I was already having a bad day from work and not.

However, I still put on a courteous smile as I made my deposit, now, for the life in me, this has never happened, they were telling me I couldn’t withdraw funds from my account even though I’m depositing a check and I KNOW FOR A FACT, I have the funds in my account to cover what I’m taking out. This teller immediately had an attitude and I simply told her let me see her manager. She did her best to try to make an argument or a scene as I’d like to call it, but I wasn’t for it. A manager came to assist me and took care of the transaction with so much ease. Like why the hell couldn’t the previous teller do this? Who knows?

However, I was surprised to see the branch manager actually reach out to me via phone to inquire about the service that I received. These two incidents have forced me to consider banking at another bank. Why? One I never think it’s a wise idea to have all your money stored in one place. On top of that, I just wasn’t happy with the service, and because of that, I know it’s important as a customer to find a bank who is willing to take care of my needs when it comes to my business practices.

I’m not only referring to banking, but I’ve had countless issues with my cable, internet and phone provider. I’ve been with this provider for years and the last 6 months have been absolute hell with my internet service. The connection has been terrible, it’s not consistent and I always pay in ADVANCE for the upcoming month to have the service. Yes, that is NOT something I like. I’m aware of paying for a service that I have accumulated for the month, but not paying for a service that I have yet to be provided. I think this is common for all internet, cable and phone providers, not sure why, but I’ve seen this with several providers.

Anyway, I’ve had to call so many times they have to be tired of me calling, but dammit, if I’m paying for a service I expect to get it and if you can’t provide it, I have to find a provider who can deliver it for me. Anything less is simply unacceptable and I don’t care who you are or aren’t talking about. I will admit this last rep I talked to was phenomenal. He really took the time to speak to me and assist me with the matter at hand.

I’ve spoken to so many reps recently who just basically said you have to wait for a technician to come out. There is nothing we can do and my response is “I’m still paying for a service I’m not getting.” They go quiet; they can’t seem to provide me with a rebuttal that makes sense. This is where I get very irked because so many companies just love to suck up your money, but when you question them about lackluster service or not getting what you are actually paid for. A simple credit is not enough when you’re encountering ongoing issues.

The basis of this column is to call out all those companies or businesses that are NOT aiming to try to solve a customer’s issue. It’s one thing for the customer to be just rude or nasty versus attempting to explain the issue with calm. I don’t always believe the customer

is right because sometimes they can be wrong, but when the company KNOWS they are not providing the service that a customer is paying for and does nothing to fix the issue, then we have a major problem. Don’t forget you are indeed replaceable, even if you like to think that you’re not. Never underestimate a customer because when they get fed up, at that point it’s already too late.

Written By Kelsey Thomas

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