PHOENIX, AZ—An overwhelming 31 of 32 NFL owners voted in favor of the Oakland Raiders relocating to Las Vegas, Nevada on Monday, March 27. The Silver and Black will play in Oakland through the 2019 season before moving into a reported $1.9 billion dome, expected to seat an estimated 65,000 fans. The only team to vote against the Raiders relocating to Sin City were the Miami Dolphins.

The residents of Oakland learned the hard way akin to St. Louis, Missouri and San Diego too. Build us a stadium, or were leaving. The fans balked for years, so in the end, its their lack of TRUE support that moved these teams to greener pastures.

It was an shameful embarrassment to watch the Oakland Raiders play in the Alameda Coliseum. It looks more dilapidated than the Roman Coliseum. Not worthy of a young team on the rise, with Super Bowl aspirations. Driving down the Las Vegas Strip to see Derek Carr and the Raiders will be one unforgettable road trip!

The faithful Raider fans all across the Southland are ecstatic about the move, its a shorter drive and an awesome excuse to go to Vegas. The Raiders are the third NFL franchise in a little over a year to leave. First, it was the Rams who left St. Louis for Los Angeles, next, the Chargers moved to Los Angeles as well. Now, Oakland is losing their beloved Silver and Black. The Raiders spent 45 of their 58 years in Oakland. Bank of America will pay for the stadium.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell expressed regret at not finding a solution that kept the team in Oakland.

“We needed to provided certainty and stability for the Raiders, as well as the league,” Goodell told reporters at a news conference.