SHERMAN OAKS—Justin Hodak, the ex-fiancé of “Fuller House” actress  Jodie Sweetin, was arrested in Sherman Oaks on Monday, March 27, he violated the restraining order to stay clear of Sweetin.

Sweetin called the police after spotting a suspicious car in front of her house. TMZ reported that upon arriving at the scene, authorities stopped Hodak’s car and arrested him before he could get away.

Sweetin, 35, called off their engagement after a fight between the couple earlier this month where Hodak, was high on steroids, drunk and angry. She further stated that Hodak threatened to kill himself using a 9mm pistol if she made him leave. Hodak left the house with a gun and left behind an assault rifle.

Sweetin got a restraining order forcing Hodak, 40, to stay 100 yards aware from her. Court documents indicated that Hodak was said to have “engaged in violent arguments with Sweetin, in which he threw objects at her. Following a prior break-up with Sweetin, he came to the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank, where [Jodie] works as an actress, demanding to see her and engaging in a dispute with the security guards there. He also waited for Sweetin to confront her at her children’s school.”

Reports from United Press International stated that the actress received protection for her daughters Beatrix Coyle, 6, and Zoie Herpin, 8. Other members of her family who received protection include her mother Jane Sweetin, 67, father Sam Sweetin, 82 and her assistant Lauren Hussey, 29.

The actress has been together with Hodak for 2 years.

Written By Arjun Balasundaram