SAN FRANCISCO—Following her Joanne World Tour performance at AT&T Park on Sunday, August 13, Lady Gaga took time to hand out money to a few homeless individuals throughout the city.

A witness said that the 31 year-old pop singer’s car stopped at a red light, during which she exited the vehicle (followed by her bodyguards) to hand some cash to a few people sleeping on the street, who did not recognize her at first until the witness spoke up. She made her way up and down the block in her white, high-heeled boots. The location has not been specified, but the singer was likely in an area near AT&T Park.

KTVU shared a video of Gaga approaching one of the homeless folks on the street and handing them money. The video, reportedly shot by KTVU’s Patrick H. (according to their website) was originally uploaded by Twitter user @dinogaga16, who has since then deleted the tweet. It was captioned:

“@ladygaga Giving money to the homeless in San Fransisco Tonight. Her heart is so big! I love you! ❤️💋 #JoanneWorldTour #ladygaga – xoxo, Danny.”

Gaga was spotted giving money to a homeless individual in an unspecified area of San Francisco on Sunday night. Photo: @austriamonster