HOLLYWOOD—Lamar Odom has lost one of his best friends. The basketball star learned that his friend Jamie Sangouthai passed away from a drug overdose on Sunday, June 14.

Lamar Odom’s ex-wife Khloe Kardashian took to social media with the news of the tragedy. She tweeted a broken heart emoji and wrote “When does it stop? RIP Jamie Sangouthai.”

She also posted an illustrated picture via Instagram of a woman in tears. The caption read, “Life doesn’t get easier but I promise you that life will make you stronger.”

Kardashian’s best friend Malika Haqq shared a group photo of Odom, Sangouthai, Kardashian, and herself via Instagram. She captioned the shot: “Thru good and bad times life shows us every spirit matters and leaves a print on the hearts of others after they have passed… RIP Jamie Sangouthai #GodHelpUsAll.”

They were all close friends at the time Kardashian and Odom were still married. Kardashian decided to file for divorce in 2013 after facing issues with Odom and his drug problems. The divorce has yet to be finalized.