UNITED STATES—Tell me the last time you watched a Super Bowl ad that truly grabbed your attention; an ad that hooked you and forced you to inquire or actually purchase a product? I’m waiting. I’ll likely still be waiting because rarely do ads have an impact on Americans, even though there is this perception that a witty or clever ad can cause a spike in revenue for some businesses.

The Super Bowl has truly defeated the purpose of the ads in recent years by releasing them days if not weeks before the actual big game. The fun of the Super Bowl was being able to watch those million dollar ads while the game is on, not days in advance so you have nothing to expect except the football game itself in between countless commercials.

The latest trend as of 2024 is the appearance of celebrities in the countless ads some including actor Ben Affleck, “Friends” alums Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer, musicians and countless more. Dunkin’ has already spoiled their ad with Ben Affleck, which makes absolutely no sense and everyone I have talked to called it one of the dumbest commercials they have ever seen. I mean if Affleck wants to poke fun at himself, go for it, but if you’re trying to sell donuts that is not a smart way to do it, if you want my honesty.

That is the thing about celebs, if they’re collecting a paycheck they will sell almost anything, even if it is something they will NEVER use in their entire life. They get paid and that is all that matters to them. Perhaps people should think about the brand they attach their name to. Is it something that actually matters or is it just free money?

I don’t care if an ad features a celebrity that doesn’t increase my likelihood to buy an item or inquire about it. It is the product or service itself that garners my attention. Is this something I need? Is it something someone I know will need? How does this service or product improve my life? Those are the questions that need to be answered, but guess what, they are rarely addressed.

I still find it amazing that these massive companies are willing to spend almost $7 million for a 30 second ad spot. That just seems crazy. Wouldn’t it be wiser to utilize that money for more market research or to invest in the community that you showcase and sell your products? How about taking that money and giving it back to the employees that helped you garner a profit or hell, share those bucks with the consumers, by lowering costs? That is what I would be doing as a business, but to each their own. If you want to throw your hard-earned money in the trash with silly ads, be my guest.

Were there any standouts from Super Bowl Sunday? There were some, but not because I’m going to purchase a product or service, but because I was entertained. The Beyoncé one involving Verizon was quite fun and it didn’t hurt that she utilized the ad to promote her upcoming album on March 29. It seems with music you only know a musician is releasing new music if they announce it. This felt like the most celebrity infested Super Bowl with ads that I can recall in years, and I mean years. The second portion of the Ben Affleck Dunkin’ ad featuring Matt Damon, Jack Harlow, Jennifer Lopez, Tom Brady and Fat Joe, that was hilarious, even though I still don’t plan to purchase any donuts. Whenever a celebrity can poke fun at themselves, that is always a highlight, and Ben Affleck did that with no apologies. For 2024, many of the ads lacked that creative spark as in previous years.

It had to cost these companies millions on top of millions of dollar not just for the ad space alone, but to have the celebrities appear in the ads as well. I wish I could tell you one that I truly adored, but there wasn’t a single one. It was all about star-power and for some I guess that helps sell a product, for me it’s just a celebrity in an ad.

Written By Davy Jones