HOLLYWOOD—We have known for months that Judith Chapman would be hitting the town of Salem to portray schemer Leo Stark’s mother on “Days of Our Lives.”  However, as a viewer, I never expected to learn that Leo’s mom had a significant link to a notable face in town, that person being John Black. Yes, Diana, Leo’s mother was once tied to Mr. Black during his youth and from what the audience knows, Leo has a hatred for his mother and it looks like Will and Sonny have found the Achilles Heel to neutralize their opponent.

However, the biggest stunner of the week was the revelation that Leo could potentially be John’s son. Wait, what? First there was Paul and now we have Leo, John Black seemed to be a bit of a playboy back in the day and his past is coming back to haunt him. Leo, whose real name is Matthew, does not like his mother, and she doesn’t take fools lightly. She delivered a slap to her son when he showed a level of disrespect. She even warned her son that she has information that can take him down. Oh, I wonder exactly what that Intel is America.

There are tons of romance shenanigans taking place as well. Just when the audience thought that Eric and Sarah might savor their first kiss, she gets drunk and sleeps with Xander Cook of all people! Eric was disgusted by the revelation, as was Rex who suspected his brother and ex-fiancé were up to no good. Eric poured out his heart to his mother, who convinced him to reciprocate his feelings for Sarah. Unfortunately, by the time that Eric came to that realization, Rex and Sarah were already sucking face.

I knew a love triangle was brewing, but this is just downright fun. Why? Well, I thought Rex might be getting closer to Chloe who was getting closer to Brady, but a bomb was dropped last week. Chloe’s portrayed Nadia Bjorlin is leaving her role on the soap. So that means any potential for a romance between Rex and Chloe is not likely to transpire America, the same applies with Brady. However, it was interesting to see that pairing with Stefan and Chloe after a threat was made to her life. Brady also wanted to be Chloe’s hero which sparked a bit of controversy.

There is a mayoral battle emerging in Salem between Jack and Abe, and with Melinda Task throwing her hat into the mix, it makes things that much more complicated. Eve has been pushing Jack to run for mayor, and has found herself in a bit of a mess. Why? Well, Xander, the guy just won’t die, found Dr. Rolf’s diary in Eve’s possession and used blackmail yet again to get what he wants. Xander wants the top position at Titan, which has been given to Brady by Victor.  I can sense a major brawl erupting between Eric, Rex and Xander in the coming weeks. Hopefully, someone, anyone will finally put this guy out of his misery.

Also it seems things have hit a rough patch for Haley and JJ, and Tripp might be a third wheel in this potential romance. Are Haley and Tripp an interesting couple? To be honest yes, but JJ is looking to be Haley’s hero and I sense he’ll get that chance.

JJ and Haley are indeed getting close, after she spilled to him her illegal status in the country. That information is also known by Dr. Marlena Evans who was threatened by Melina to keep her trap shut. Too bad, JJ spilled that tea to Jack, who is a reporter, like Earth to JJ what are you thinking? This set into motion a whirlwind of event where Claire, she’s not the good girl she wants everyone to think was dumped by Tripp after Ben spilled the beans. Claire of course was furious, which led to Ben also returning to his homicidal roots.

Oh, and Ciara was kidnapped by a mystery person who may or may not be Jordan Ridgeway, Ben’s sister.  This should indeed be fun because at long last, the audience will discover who set that cabin fire. This reveal better be worth the wait America.