HOLLYWOOD—At first I was not happy when I learned that “The Bold and the Beautiful” had killed off Vinny Walker. I mean the guy was a side character at most, and I HATE when a soap opera teases something big, but it ends up being so small it is not worth chatting. Here is the good thing about Vinny dying: it has given ample story for Liam Spencer. Liam has always been the goody too shoes as his father Bill Spencer said last week (finally someone sees what everyone at home sees).

Liam has done something wicked, he hit a man with a car and is partaking in a massive cover up. Did Liam flee the scene? No, that was all Bill’s doing who has also gotten rid of evidence. The bad part is that Liam is staying mum and the longer he stays mum, the more culpable he remains in the mystery. This guy is unraveling and in the craziest way. He is hallucinating seeing Vinny, he is hearing voices, he’s having terrible nightmares and is literally on edge.

I mean that scene where he spotted Detective Baker almost resulted in Liam confessing the truth if he was questioned, but Charlie was the culprit who scared Liam speechless. He noticed Liam on edge, as did Hope who confided in Thomas about her concerns. Bill has beaten it into Liam’s head that he has to stay quiet or else he’s going to jail and the fact that he was involved in a hit-and-run only makes things worse.

However, I’m more annoyed by the hypocrisy. I mean Thomas Forrester, I get Vinny was your bestie, but you enacting revenge and acting like you’re holier than though is a joke. You ran Emma off the road and you were responsible for her death. Yet, you’re in a tizzy about someone hitting your pal with a car and killing him. Hmm, sounds like the kettle calling the pot people. That is perhaps the one thing  that the writers on “The Bold and the Beautiful” don’t do well: ramifications for actions.

I mean Flo, Thomas, Zoe, Shauna, Quinn, etc. People commit heinous crimes and never seem to pay the price for it. That may be the reason so many viewers have hate for such characters like Flo and Thomas. There is no consequence for their devious deeds and it portrays the character as being not genuine. The audience was teased a murder mystery involving Vinny and we have not gotten their yet, because Liam being the person responsible for killing Vinny seems to easy.

So with May sweeps less than a week away it feels like the truth is about to start to explode people and I cannot wait to see what suspects start to emerge, this could be very fun if the writers do the fans a justice for once. In other, Forrester Creations news, there is trouble in paradise for Quinn and Eric! Yes, Quinn relayed her worries to Carter in her attempt to reunite Zoe with her former flame, while Eric confided in Ridge. Looks like Quinn’s latest stunt to breakup Ridge and Brooke took a major toil on her marriage, as she stated the sex spark is missing people.

I thought this was crazy, but it popped into my mind: what if Carter and Quinn became an item. It would be a crazy and I mean crazy and unexpected twist and would cause so many ripples at Forrester Creations from Ridge to Eric to Zoe and everyone else connected to Carter and Quinn. I mean Carter seemed chill speaking about his love woes with Quinn people and vice versa. Quinn was smitten by character, and when she saw him in the buff it was apparent she has an attraction to him and its looks like Carter is the guy who is going to be tempting Quinn and her marriage to Eric.

This is a pairing I could get behind, but it does leave Zoe out in the cold considering that Paris and Zende are getting closer. Beyond what we’ve chatted, no one else has anything to do on the soap people and that is slightly alarming. Wyatt per usual popped up and an unexpected time, and I cannot reiterate this enough: Wyatt Spencer NEEDS A STORYLINE!

Give him something interesting people because the character has felt almost useless for more than a year or longer; if anything, his pairing with Flo seems like the end of his journey. Send them packing or introduce a third wheel, a flame from Flo’s past perhaps?