HOLLYWOOD─I was slightly getting bored with where things were headed on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” but it looks like the viewers voices are being heard in regards to not reigniting Steffy and Liam. However, it is indeed a welcome change to see these two characters work together to expose a dangerous and delusional threat. Liam when he senses a threat he will indeed fight tooth and nail to protect those that he loves; in this case, Hope Logan.

There is no point in us discussing what happened, but where things are headed. Thomas Forrester has done an exceptional job at making people think he has turned over a new leaf. One would think after not one, but two near death experiences he’d change his ways. In case any of you forgot, Thomas fell off that cliff at the beach house and nearly died, and fell in a tub that was believed to contained hydrochloric acid (thankfully it wasn’t).

He led Hope to think he was dead to teach a lesson and this vision he has of having a happily ever-after with a woman who is married has me baffled to the core. Thomas is beyond delusional at this point he is damn dangerous. He is pushing Shauna to continue her pursuit of his father, even though he is well aware that Brooke and Ridge are trying to salvage their marriage. In the midst of that turmoil, he is envisioning a family that just doesn’t exist, so much to the point that his own sister Steffy sensing his brother’s troubling spiral.

Liam confronted Thomas about his duplicity, which seems to be unknown to Hope; that woman is too pure for this world, but Liam senses otherwise. I mean you’re talking about a guy who was willing to give up custody of his child to be with a woman who is already married? Steffy was weary about digging dirt on her own brother, but in case you forgot Steffy, Thomas let you think a daughter that wasn’t yours was yours. If anything you owe him his comeuppance.

The fact that Thomas has fantasized of Brooke being dead, tells me he might be planning her demise in the near future. To get to the truth Steffy and Liam paid Thomas’ pay Vinny a visit, but instead came face-to-face with Zoe. She gave subtle nuggets about Thomas’ heightened energy, and Liam came up with a genius plan to nail Thomas: bring Zoe Buckingham back into the mix at Forrester!

Yeah, I never expected that, but the fact that Steffy is even considering this from the woman who kept the truth about Beth secret, screams she senses something bad with her brother. Zoe has been cozying up to Thomas who has NO IDEA that this woman is working as a spy for Liam and Steffy. In the process of this game, Thomas is using Zoe to make Hope jealous, and dare I say it’s actually working people.

My bigger concern is just how will Steffy and Liam’s plan pan out if Thomas discovers what they are up to? Better yet what will he do to Zoe if he discovers he is playing her? This could turn things quite dicey and very fast America. With that said, get ready for another fashion duel as Hope for the Future does battle with Steffy’s intimates line.

Yes, the designers are going to war, and it looks like Steffy has her team assembled with Sally by her side, but Hope is panicking, as she really doesn’t want to work with Thomas, but senses she has no alternative at this point. I would be lying if I said this story seems like something fun. I mean “The Bold and the Beautiful” has been dark lately, so this is a welcome change if you ask me. However, we are ending 2019, so I’m suspecting some big things to come into play for 2020 on the soap, particularly the fact that Thomas’ unhinged behavior turns to downright deadly.