HOLLYWOOD─The audience has known for a few weeks on “Days of Our Lives” that Hope aka Princess Gina was responsible for pushing Jennifer Horton off that balcony, placing her in a coma for nearly a year. Abigail Deveraux has followed the shoes of her parents as an investigative reporter, and hired a tech guru to get imagery from the fall. Yes, many of us were at home thinking, this is IT; someone has pulled the mask off the true culprit, only for the footage to be doctored to reveal Dr. Rolf. We can all thank Stefano, um, Steve for make that adjustment.

Well, we all know that is not true, but Abigail blurted on those details to Rafe and ‘Hope’ unaware she has pointed the finger directly at someone else for Gina without her even having to get her hands dirty in the process. There is a positive side of things: Rafe and Abigail of ALL PEOPLE, can see that Hope has been acting quite strange. Ya think? It’s only taken two people in Salem to realize that Hope Brady isn’t really Hope Brady. Abigail and Rafe might be on the right track, but they need to start to worry about Kate Roberts. Why? She is aware that Stefano now has the FACE of Steve and that he’s the real deal even though his face might be that of someone never expected.

With that said, Kate and Steve look like they will become the new hot couple in Salem, but Chad needs to be very careful. Why? Kate has an ulterior motive to get her claws into Stefano; I mean she’s working as a waitress at Brady’s Pub, I think this woman would love nothing more than to work back in corporate America. I’m just waiting for the moment that Stefano introduces himself to the rest of the world. That will be a sight worth seeing people. That’s not the only news, Kate KNOWS Hope is not Hope, as she continues to pin after John, hoping to breakup Marlena and John.

Marlena is over Hope being overly cozy with her hubby, and the fact that Kate knows this and hasn’t spilled the tea is beyond concerning. Kate how many times have keeping a big secret come back to bite you in the you know what? When are you going to learn from your lesson?

In other Salem news, it looks like the bond between Sarah and Eric is strengthening now that he knows the truth about Mackenzie being his daughter. There is just one major problem: Mickey is seriously ill, she has cancer. Yes, the thought of losing their daughter is bonding these two star-crossed lovers, and I’m happy to see it to say the least. I mean these two have terrific chemistry, and to know they’ll get another shot is what soap fans hope for. This only brings Brady and Nicole back into one another’s orbit and it will not be too long before they rekindle the spark, but they have another issue to worry about: Kristen DiMera.

Gabi wants those shares to maintain her grip on DiMera Enterprises, but in the process gave Eli a face-to-face with the woman who always had his heart: Lani. Eli questioned Lani about her choice, but their conversation was shortened by the fact that the two intervened to stop JJ from murdering Kristen, who was at peace with whatever choice transpired. The ladies soon discovered becoming nuns was not their thing, and Kristen and Lani decided to return home to reclaim what they lost.

We also must chat about the situation involving Ben, Ciara Will and Clyde. Clyde is NOT happy that his son betrayed him for Will, just as the friendship between Will and Ben continues to strengthen as the reformed murderer is working to change his life. Clyde has warned Ben that he will pay for ratting him out, just as Ciara continues to dig for information that will exonerate Ben and place the target firmly on Xander. Xander is aware that Ciara is up to no good, so she should be careful people.

Speaking of Will, he has decided to end his marriage to Sonny, amidst learning from Kate that Sonny shared a kiss with Evan. Hmm, that is indeed an interesting development America. Sonny and Evan, with Will as a third wheel? Whoever expected that? I know I didn’t, that still does not change the fact that the audience STILL does not know exactly what happened to Adrienne, but it seems her death was caused by Will, but it was accidental. C’mon writers, give us what we want to know, don’t grad this secret far longer than what it needs to be.