HOLLYWOOD—The Devil is ready to cause mayhem in Salem and is doing so thru the possession of Marlena Evans on “Days of Our Lives.” The difference between the past and the present is that the villainous force has NOT fully taken control over Marlena’s body, but he’s definitely messing with her mind. First, she whacked Julie with a food tray and blamed Doug, and now she is currently pushing Ben to have a child with Ciara. Why?

It seems the Devil plans to utilize Ben and Ciara’s child as a tool in this nefarious plan for Salem. Johnny has his film dreams moving full steam with Chad and Abigail on board. Chad and Abigail are repairing their marriage as a result and that is something that EJ doesn’t like. I’m not sure why because EJ you are married to Sami and suddenly charming Nicole.

Yes people, Nicole and EJ look like they might become the new item and I’m stunned by this. I never expected these two to reunite after the nefarious schemes they partook in years ago that resulted in plenty of heartache for Sami. Nicole and EJ on a date did NOT make Rafe happy one bit. I’ve said this in plenty of columns of the past: I want to see Rafe and Nicole together, if they can’t be with Sami and Eric. Rafe is jealous and doesn’t want Nicole to get her heart shattered yet again by EJ and he has a watchful eye. That is making Ava very jealous.

Oh, Ava this is exactly what you get for meddling in Gabi and Jake’s relationship. She has given Philip information to neutralize Gabi and Jake who have been spying on his duties at Titan. Philip blackmailed Gabi to sign over Gabi Chic or lose Jake to prison. Gabi was ready to sign on the dotted line, but not Jake, who informed his lover that if Philip wants to play dirty he will also! Uh-oh, Philip is in trouble and it only gets worst as he continues to show his green eye over Brady and Chloe spending time together.

Philip get over it, Brady is better for Chloe than you buddy. He always has been and I cannot wait to see the comeuppance that Philip and Ava receives in the near future. Other people facing the sins of their past include Gwen, Xander and Justin who all tried to blackmail a judge to get Xander and Bonnie’s charges dropped. Now they’re all entangled in a massive web of deceit that has only gotten worse with time people, and with news or Rex Brady returning to the canvas, I can only expect Xander’s romance with Gwen to be short-lived and for Gwen to face reality when Abigail exposes her little secret.

Lani and Eli are helping Paulina and Abe plan for their big wedding with that secret about Lani being HER daughter. Marlena knows that tidbit and we all know secrets have a way of coming out at weddings and I expect that to transpire probably during November Sweeps when Paulina’s world explodes as a result people. Johnny and Chanel are getting closer, Allie is seemingly happy with Tripp, and Allie now has a starring role in the movie.

At the rate things are moving, everyone in Salem will have a starring role in this movie, much to the Devil’s plan to wreck utter chaos in the town of Salem. That includes EJ who is willing to fund his son’s flick, but ONLY if he can portray John Black. Hmm, is EJ doing this to get back at Chad and to drive a wedge between his marriage to Abigail?

It certainly seems so, and considering that John and Roman think Johnny new film which is solely focused on Marlena’s possession, and the Devil is getting closer to his goal of fully possessing her. How so? She levitated this week and she convinced Ben to try to make a baby with Ciara. We have not seen the terror unleashed in Salem just yet, but it is going to transpire “Days of Our Lives” fans.