HOLLYWOOD—I honestly don’t know where to begin because to be honest “General Hospital” has been striking on all cylinders right now as one of the best soap operas on TV right now. I mean we’re seeing storylines develop, surprises revealed and drama that makes you want to tune in each week. So let’s start with one that surprised me with the revelation, but NOW that I look back on it, it makes perfect sense now. I mean Valentin Cassadine, is actually a Cassadine! We knew Helena was his mother, but we were left wondering who was dear ole dad? It was revealed that Victor slept with Helena, and it explains why Helena hated Valentin so much, and coined him the spawn of the Devil.

Yeah, that is quite wicked to say the least right America? Both of his parents were under his wing all this time and they manipulated him in so many fashions that it explains a ton as to why Valentin Cassadine is the nefarious villain that he had been when he first arrived on the soap, until as of recent when he has reformed himself. Victor now wants his son (Valentin) to help him stop Peter who the nefarious Cassadine discovered is more ruthless than he suspected.

While all this chaos is taking place, the audience discovered that Victor wanted Drew to get his hands on Faison’s programming tool to utilize Drew for his own needs. Peter disclosed a key was the driving point of the hypnosis, but it is actually a tarot card. Peter utilized that card to get Drew to go after Anna and Robert, but Drew got shot in the arm as a result.

There is a problem: Anna and Robert have no idea that Drew is under Peter’s clutches. I said in my last column, but I can now definitively announce that the viewers should expect Drew’s demise to come during November Sweeps. If it doesn’t happen, I will indeed be absolutely floored to say the least America. The enemy list is just growing and growing and never seems to end if we’re being honest. Sam and Dante are also in Greece, hunting for clues and rumor has it Jason and Britt will soon be traveling there as well as the search for Liesl Obrecht intensifies America.

The chickens finally came home to roost for Spencer as his stalking plot was exposed and Nikolas Cassadine hit the roof. Hmm, Nikolas everything that Spencer has done is a direct result of your antics. He learned from the best, but when he targets the woman who was responsible for Valentin shooting you and nearly killing you and keeping you from your son for nearly 3 years, how do you expect him to react. Nikolas has cut Spencer off hoping to teach his son a lesson, but Alexis put a bit of perspective for her nephew who thinks he is doing the wrong thing to Spencer.

Nikolas look in the mirror and discover Spencer is a splitting image of you. You better do it soon because Esme is charming Cameron, which is making Josslyn jealous in the process people. Joss sees what Esme is up to, Cameron not so much. Spencer is playing the sympathy card well, but not getting much from anyone except his uncle Sonny who knows what his nephew needs him now more than ever now that Nikolas has kicked him to the curb people.

Austin and Maxie are getting closer, I see romance in the future people, that would be much to Peter’s chagrin. This might also help Brook Lynn who is in Chase’s orbit. I always thought these two looked great together and viewers are finally seeing that transpire, slowly, but surely. Austin has pointed out that Leo might be autistic, something that annoyed Olivia, but it was clear Ned started to spot signs.

Nina and Carly’s war is far from over as Nina continues to discover her secret has more consequences than she expected as Curtis attempted to lend his pal a sympathetic ear for Michael and Willow to reconsider punishing Wiley. She got a tongue lashing by Joss which I thought was completely unnecessary, but Sonny is grappling with those emotions that Nina has a hold on Sonny’s heart. Just like Carly and Jason, who have been dancing around the truth from Sonny, but it was time for the reveal people. Carly wanted to take Nina’s company from her by tossing her about her building, but Jason of all people talked her down from making a move that might have repercussions she didn’t expect.

A few more things worth chatting, Shawn knows Nikolas might be responsible for Hayden’s shooting and making matters worse is that Nikolas seems to know that Shawn knows something. This could become very interesting in the midst of what Ava did by having Spencer arrested and with Esme landing that position at the same facility where Ryan Chamberlain is being held, I think the stalker drama is ONLY about to intensify and not with a good outcome people. Ryan is methodically planning his next reign of terror and I think Port Charles should be worried.