SAN FRANCISCO—Liliana Chevarria Bouvet who has been referred to as the “bird seed lady” spoke out in defense of herself to ABC7 San Francisco on Friday, October 14.

Residents of Glen Park accused Chevarria of contributing to a growing rat problem in the area by dumping pounds of birdseed on city streets. The birdseed which has been left in parking lots streets and sidewalks attracted rodents and caused excessive piles of bird waste to form. 

Chevarria told ABC7, “I am not denying that I had birdseed. But I’m denying that I had done it recently,” said Chevarria. “I’m a very compassionate woman. I love animals. I love nature.”

Authorities contacted Chevarria and in their letter wrote, “you have been notified that such behavior is unlawful but you have continued to regularly dump birdseed. You must immediately cease and desist dumping birdseed anywhere in San Francisco.”

According to some residents, ABC7 SF reported, Chevarria needs to stop and possibly needs mental health services. The San Francisco Department of Health released a statement that Chevarria is in currently connected to mental health services. 

“I am not a criminal. I am used as a scapegoat. There are many people who love animals. They don’t end up being a scapegoat, because they don’t have a store closing because of the rats,” Chevarria said during the interview.

The rodent problem was caused by the excessive bird seed has cause some businesses to closed down. One owner filed a report with the police department and health department against Chevarria.