HOLLYWOOD—Last week the audience saw a major character on “The Walking Dead” meet his maker. If you’re still in the dark I’m referring to Sebastian people. Well, this week’s episode, ‘Variant’ saw Eugene in a panic as it appears this episode will be heavily centered around the character audiences love to hate. Yes, I will admit I have a love-hate relationship with this character that has been the catalyst for so many iconic characters who died as a result of his fear, lack of courage and stupidity people.

Pamela was in sorrow, Sebastian was not her favorite, but at the end of the day he was still her son and she wanted her vengeance. Blood was wanted on Eugene, which means, Princess, Ezekiel, Rosita and anyone with ties to you Eugene were in major danger. Thankfully, Daryl helped hide him. In other news, Jerry, Aaron and Lydia were journeying back, when they were forced to take a detour because of walkers. Jerry was injured in the process. Lydia was getting closer to her new pal, but it was also apparent that she was not ready to move on from her former flame Henry.

Rosita was the first to find herself questioned by Mercer about Eugene’s whereabouts and questions about Max (Mercer’s sister) came to the forefront as well. The Commonwealth wanted Eugene’s head on a silver platter, which meant he either turned himself in or members of Alexandria, The Hilltop and The Kingdom were at risk of suffering. Rosita alerted Daryl of what the endgame for the Commonwealth in relation to Eugene’s whereabouts.

Pamela was really struggling with saying goodbye to Sebastian, who was slowly turning into a walker. It stunned Pamela to see her son in that manner, knowing he would have to be officially taken out. Princess questioned Mercer about her treatment over Eugene’s latest stunt. Aaron provided some advice to Lydia about it being okay for her to move on.  Max was also on the move and captured by members of the Commonwealth and taken into custody as Rosita watched and there was nothing she could do people.

Mercer provided Max, a statement that she could read that would provide her a pardon and save her life. Mercer was desperately trying to save his sister, but she was adamant about NOT throwing Eugene under the bus. Mercer was concerned his sister would be killed if she didn’t take the deal that is thrown on the table. Eugene was really worried that his fate may be sealed. Ezekiel wasn’t ready to leave the Commonwealth, but Princess had other plans.

In other Commonwealth news, Pamela Milton was ready to take action against Lance Hornsby, but it looks like he was ready to spill some serious tea people and Pamela wanted blood for Lance’s role in setting up her son. He placed the blame on Alexandria. Wow, Pamela actually bought what Lance was selling; oh, she didn’t she was about to punish him, but using Sebastian who is now a walker to take out Lance in perhaps the most horrific way possible people. Yeah, that is a bloody way to die. However, we know Lance is not dead based on the preview for next week’s episode.

Mercer was forced with heartache as Princess explained why she had to sever ties with him for her sanity and for the safety of Eugene who she knows if he is found is a dead man walking. Aaron and Lydia in the middle of their chat found themselves under attack by a horde of walkers. They were forced to flee, as Bishop and Jerry joined the part in fighting off the walkers that were getting too close for comfort people. Whoa, the walkers have evolved people. They were climbing walls and now able to open doors; oh this is an evolution people and that is a dangerous thing.

On the roof, Lydia, Bishop and Aaron realized there were Whisperers within the group of zombies, and Jerry was about to be in some serious danger people, but Aaron came to his rescue. No, it’s now Whisperers people, these walkers have evolved! Aaron and Jerry discussed the evolution of the walkers, just as Lydia decided to go in for the kiss with Bishop. Rosita and Daryl alerted Eugene that Max is NOT coming and it is time for him to make the move to get him out of town safely. Rosita tried to talk some sense into Eugene forcing him to realize if he stays in the Commonwealth he will die. Eugene is in love and he is willing to sacrifice himself to protect Max, but it is going to seal his fate.

Eugene turned himself into the Commonwealth and argued that Max had no role in his melee against Sebastian. Once Max realized what Eugene had done it twisted her stomach in knots. Eugene was tossed into a cell, just as Rosita realized she may have lost her pal for good, but just when she had planned to leave, she was ambushed. Oh, next week looks good. Daryl and Carol are on a mission to rescue those who have been kidnapped and being held captive by Pamela Milton and the Commonwealth people. Till next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!