HOLLYWOOD—A new season of the TLC hit series “Little People, Big World” returned this week. I have been a fan of this series for years and when we last left off Amy Roloff was getting engaged to Chris, purchased a new home off the farm and was living life without Matt Roloff in her immediate presence. The pandemic had not hit, but we’re seeing that play out now on the latest season people.

The premiere episode, ‘Let’s Rumble’ gave the audience the chance to continue seeing all the cuteness of Zach and Tori’s growing family with Jackson and Lila. Zach was well aware that his father, Matt had wheels churning regarding selling the North side of the farm. Both Tori and Zach are concerned about potential health concerns for both of their children as a result of them having dwarfism.

Amy and Chris are enjoying their new abode, and it is very apparent that both our truly in love. Amy was planning to have a small gathering at their home, but still aware that the pandemic was in full force. She extended an opportunity for Matt and Caryn to come to her new abode which is quite gracious to say the least. Speaking of Matt, he was busy enjoying his time on the farm driving that four-wheeler at wicked speeds with Caryn by his side. Both were juggling rather busy schedules that would prevent them from attending Amy’s gathering.

Time for the wedding, Amy and Chris looked at venues to host their big day. It was plenty of fun watching Amy and Chris talking about their relationship and the joys and lows of what marriage will bring their way. Matt was making purchases for the farm and realized that Zach is a bit more frugal than his father. Matt is a spender, Zach not as much. He plans to stand his ground with his dad.

Zach has concerns about finances when it comes to owning the North end of the farm and how he operates his business. So Caryn and Matt were not able to make Amy’s housewarming gathering, so they decided to pay a visit a day earlier with a bottle of wine and a brief visit. Yeah, you can sense the tension between Matt, Amy and Zach. I didn’t include Chris because he seems chill. There was a bit of awkwardness, but the adults managed to get thru the meeting. They had a bit of small talk then long pauses in the conversation, and when Matt dropped the bomb of Amy and Chris having the wedding on the farm.

Wow, yeah, it left Amy speechless and I had the same question, “Why?” Amy asked the right question people, but Chris was ok with the offering, Amy not a chance people and I can totally understand why. So the housewarming party turned into a bust because a few guests who were expected to arrive, couldn’t arrive. However, Zach, Tori and the kids arrived.

The interior of the home looks great and Zach and Tori were even taken aback by the news that Matt proposed regarding the wedding. Tori and Zach even agreed that the notion of Chris and Amy getting married on the farm would be weird and a bad idea. The Roloff family is concerned about pumpkin season because of COVID-19 so will it happen or will it not happen. Hmm, Zach is realizing the chaos that comes with Matt Roloff America. It is nice to see things getting better between these blended families.

The teaser for the season shows the Roloff family dynamics are indeed changing, the farm is seeing renovations and Matt wants to buy Amy out of her shares of the farm. There are also medical concerns for Jackson and Lila, the marriage date has been set, dresses are being picked and the farm could ACTUALLY become the venue for Chris and Amy’s wedding. I’m all in America. New episodes of “Little People, Big World” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on TLC.