HOLLYWOOD—I was left speechless with the chaos that unfolded last week on “The Oval.” Sam sleeping with Victoria, Diane being busted by Kyle, what else can I say people? Well the mid-season finale, ‘Every Weekend’ took things to new heights and left me eager to see where things are headed when the series returns in the summer.

SPOILER ALERT if you have not watched the episode stop reading now. Donald did not like that Lilly played him for a fool. She asked questions about Kyle and he asked questions about Bobby with a gun pointed at his head. Veiled threats were made, but it seemed certain that Donald wanted to deliver a message to Lilly and Bobby and it looks like Diane will be the catalyst.

Bobby begged Lilly to come with him for her safety as it became clear he was concerned about her wellbeing, but she seemed to think all was well. Really Sam? Sam you cheated on Priscilla with Victoria, with Victoria of all people. I’ve been wanting this feud between Victoria and Priscilla to explode and it looks like it is about to explode to a point that one will not imagine. Sam was worried about The First Lady getting pregnant, but if she thought things would be happily ever after, she was disappointed.

Just as Sam was leaving, at the door Richard arrived with tea for Jason who witnessed his mother and Sam getting busy. Wow, it looks like Jason plans to use this information to blackmail his own mother. Victoria’s blood was boiling people, and Jason issued threats. That was heated, but Richard confronted Sam about sleeping with Victoria and Nancy. Sam pleaded his innocence, as the two worried about Jason spilling tea about the tryst. So if Sam is not the father of Pinky than who the hell is?

Kyle was holding Diane hostage and planned to torture her if he did not get the answers that he wanted. During his cabinet meeting, Hunter made it clear he was annoyed, as he held a stare down with Ellie before abruptly ending his meeting much to Donald’s dismay. Nancy grieved her son at an empty funeral service, as her pal Priscilla showed up to be by her side. Priscilla pushed for Nancy to tell Richard who the father of her child is to see movement in her relationship.

Looks like Kyle got the Intel he needed from Diane to take down Max and Bobby, but it ain’t happening without a fight people one where bodies will drop as a result. So Kyle did kill Diane, and Donald was not in a good mood because he found out Lilly was sleeping with Bobby. Oh, this is interesting, who is pulling strings behind the scenes. Donald is in a major funk, and for once Kyle was speaking sense, too bad his secret lover was not willing to listen.

In other news, Barry was busy preparing that money to drop off to Ruth and her flunkies in exchange for his daughter’s return, without Richard’s assistance. Priscilla learned that Ms. Laura died, which sent immediate red flags for the wise one. Detective Priscilla is already on the case wondering if someone paid a visit to Ms. Laura before her sudden demise. Alonzo dropped by to pick up those 911 types, but Sam’s pal already covered for him knowing that something was up. Sam was alerted by his ally about those tapes. OMG, this Donald constantly questioning Allan about his behavior is getting beyond annoying at this point.

Jason once again proposed a plan to Allan about taking action against his father and forcefully removed the teen from his office. Priscilla received a call from Jason who informed her that Sam slept with Victoria. It left Priscilla nervous, so she turned the tables on him about the whereabouts on Jean, before he played audio of Sam and Victoria, which left Priscilla in tears.

Richard called for Barry, but only found Nancy who was ready to tell her husband the truth about Pinky’s father. C’mon with the slow reveal, who is the father already? Nancy revealed the father of her son was Richard’s father! Wow, I did not expect that reveal people, because it enraged Richard who couldn’t compose himself with the reveal.

Barry met with Ruth expecting to come face-to-face with Callie and refused to give the money if he didn’t see his daughter first. Barry instead got a beat down before he was taken hostage by the clan. So a lot of things collided in this mid-season finale, but no deaths like I expected. The good news is that viewers will NOT have to wait too long for the chaos to return. New episodes of “The Oval” returns on Tuesday, July 20.