HOLLYWOOD—When we last left off on the TLC reality series, “Little People, Big World,” Zach and Tori were welcoming their second bundle of joy, a girl Lilah into the world and Amy moved off the farm into her new home with Chris. Yes, things have changed drastically on “Little People, Big World” since the reality series first debuted back in 2006. Wow, it’s hard to believe the series has been airing for 14 years people. Time really does fly when you least expect it. The show’s latest season premiered on Tuesday with more drama than one could expect.

The biggest stunner in the previous season finale was news that Amy and Chris are engaged and that the tension between Amy and Matt is continuing to build in regards to the farm, its future and where the Roloff family stands after all these years. It was so cute to see Jackson growing and Zach and Tori’s family continuing to grow.

Amy was thrown for a loop when Matt revealed that he wanted to buy his ex out of the farm and that things are ticking with a potential financial opportunity that could be in his sailboat. The pressure of making such a huge decision raises blinders to the fact that Matt might know something that he has not revealed to Amy. I would be worried if that was the case.

The family was celebrating the Christmas holiday and it’s funny to realize that in just a few weeks, America will ACTUALLY be celebrating Christmas. Zach called it as he sees it regarding his parents and the tension it creates between his siblings and their business ventures in relation to the farm’s future. It is so sad to see this fallout between Matt and Amy who seemed like the tightest of couples, but as the kids grew up and tensions between the two continued to build, it was inevitable that things would explode, but not in a great way.

Amy was not willing to just give up all that she worked for in terms of building up the farm, and she had a reasonable argument. The farm 20 years ago is not the same that it looks today. Matt is very business savvy and seeing Amy emotionally breakdown over this decision was gut-wrenching to watch on TV. Amy was busy getting things in order at her new house and it was quite nice to see to say the least. Zach voiced his concern with his mother how the farm situation impacts not just his parents, but the entire family as a whole.

I will admit the premiere episode was a bit slower than I expected, however, based on the teaser it looks like more drama and heartache is headed the viewer’s way. New episodes of “Little People, Big World” airs on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on TLC.

Written By LaDale Anderson