HOLLYWOOD—Who knew a run for mayor in the town of Salem could become so nasty on “Days of Our Lives.” Eve Donovan, ugh, I cannot stand that woman. You would think after the death of her daughter she would turn over a new leaf. Nope, she’s still up to her scheming and treacherous ways. With Jack Deveraux as the newest mayor of Salem, it gives Eve a tremendous level of power.

She should be careful because Xander is headed back to town and I’m sure he has plenty of people he’d like to blackmail, and he knows Eve has information that could restore Jack’s memory. Oh, I cannot wait till Eve receives her comeuppance because I’m sure it is indeed transpiring. Jack’s latest stunt has Jennifer livid; her love for Jack is slowly dissipating each day, not to mention JJ telling Abe he’d do everything in his power to ensure his father loses his bid for mayor. Jack you’re making more enemies than allies.

To make matters worse, it all boils down to Haley Chen. The secret is out and the authorities were hunting for Haley who was being harbored by Tripp of all people. JJ has lost any chance of regaining Haley’s trust, just as Claire keeps on scheming. This girl is bonkers and not in a good way. I mean she undercut ways to break up Ciara and Tripp, and the biggest bomb of all: she started that cabin fire. No one knows it, but that truth is coming out. How do I know? Well, Claire is also headed out of Salem, and I can sense the madness erupting around May sweeps.

Claire told Eve about Haley’s whereabouts, and then feigned ignorance when Haley was arrested. Tripp already knows that Claire played a role in Haley’s discovery, so her latest stunt only hurts her more and when the truth about the cabin fire comes out Claire is finally going to get a taste of her own medicine, and it will be glorious TV to watch. The vixens Eve and Claire will indeed face the music, and there is no better satisfaction to seeing a villain get a taste of their own medicine.

Other news worth discussing in Salem is that involving the growing attraction between Chloe and Stefan. The duo shared a kiss, one that did not make Brady the least bit happy. I suspect that Brady has feelings for Chloe and they were getting closer before she received that threat from the Mexican cartel. I mean first Stefan rescued her, then Brady and now Rex. She has guys fighting for her. The question is who she will choose. I like the attraction between Chloe and Stefan, but it seems another pairing could be brewing between Brady and Gabi. Yes, these two are planning to team up to take Stefan down.

Rex is still pinning after Sarah, who is conflicted about her feelings. Look, she and Rex are cute, but the chemistry between Eric and Sarah is just way stronger. Too bad a face from the dead is about to come back to life. Yes, Nicole is coming back to Salem America. FYI, if you don’t see a body, especially in the soap arena always presume that person is still very much alive.

Last but not least is he or isn’t he? Is Leo John Black’s son? Marlena poses a major threat to Diana’s chances of rekindling her love with John Black. John wants to gain any leverage he can on Diana and Leo. I mean at first I was skeptical about John being Leo’s son; it seemed way too easy, but now, I’m kind of hoping it’s not true just because it presents further problems for Leo, Diana, Will, Sonny, John and Marlena.

Diana seemed like a nice person, but it’s become evident that she would kill to get what she wants. She drugged some sweets with penicillin to send a clear message to Marlena: she wants John Black.  Her devotion is to John over Leo. Leo was stunned when John revealed that he is his father. This complicates things because we all know that Leo killed his ‘father.’ Diana framing Haley for poisoning Marlena was just cruel, and watching Eli question her with intensity, and it was just pathetic as hell.

He nearly slipped up on those details, which raised suspicions in John. Once John’s eyebrows are raised, he will do everything in his power to get to the truth of it all. It worked because Leo has backed off Will and Sonny out of fear that the secret about him killing his father will blow his world apart. Looks like there are plenty of moving puzzles in Salem and Leo and Diana are front and center for most of them.