HOLLYWOOD—It’s a New Year and lives are hanging in the balance on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless.” While many soap operas only aired a few episodes during the week of Christmas, the episodes on “Y&R” were so jam packed with drama, audiences will be eager to see how things unfold in 2017.

First, the big tale of the hour is the fall of Hilary at the hands of Mariah. Hilary has always been that character that has been polarizing; you either love her or hate her. For a moment, she was a character that I believe audiences began to sympathize with, but that quickly changed when she edged back to the dark side after her near death experience. Well, her latest stunt to trip Mariah on live TV and withholding the truth from her gullible husband Devon, resulted in him lashing out at his wife and declaring their marriage OVER!

Yep, Devon pulled the plug, but not before driving off in a fury in his brand new, expensive sports car, too bad he wasn’t aware of the treacherous dangers on the road. Why? Devon lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a ditch. He’s now lying in a hospital bed clinging to his life in a coma. The drama has only been intensified with quarrels between Hilary and Neil and Hilary and Lily.

Lily is another character that frustrates me; she acts like a saint, but this woman is no saint. I mean you cheated on your husband with a scumbag and now it looks like your husband, Cane might return the favor. Lily has never been a fan of Hilary so this latest incident has Devon’s sister screaming mad. I must say that actress Mishael Morgan has been delivering some sensational acting this past week soap fans. I will acknowledge it’s nice to see Neil, Hilary, Devon and Lily front-and-center on the soap for a hot button storyline.

Something I’m not too happy to discuss is the quick departure of Steve Burton from the role of Dylan McAvoy on soap. For months, viewers have been aware that Dylan would exit the canvas, but if Monday’s episode was any indicator of his departure, that was one hell of a flat exit if you ask me. More drama, more fireworks should have been infused in that final scene, if that is indeed the last time Sharon interacts with her husband. I speculated that Dylan might even exit the soap in a dramatic, yet shocking death leaving fans fluttered for weeks.

Yes, Sharon’s ruse has hoodwinked many people, but to really see the character of Dylan unleash on his wife for her betrayal would be sensational acting if you ask me. When a beloved character departs from a TV show, that exit has to live up to the hype people. I know deaths on soap operas happen all the TIME, but when it’s the death of an unexpected character, that only heightens the emotional connection for the viewer and elevates the narrative for a fulfilling conclusion or endgame.

Sharon is already heartbroken by Dylan’s sudden departure, but I wonder how Paul will react with Christine when Dylan goes MIA, the same applies with Nikki, who discovers her long lost son, might be gone for good. Nikki and Christine don’t have the best relationship so imagine what transpires, when Nikki learns it’s because Christine that she may have lost her oldest child? I hence a catfight people!

I will admit with only four soaps still on network television only two have the guts to kill off characters, “Days of Our Lives” and “The Young and the Restless” people. Rather Devon survives his car crash (which I believe he will) is up for debate, but Dylan’s fate leaves the door open for a recast, which I’m certain will transpire.