UNITED STATES—CBD has become more popular than ever. The sale of cannabis products, CBD in particular, is expected to hit a $26 billion market cap by 2026. However, this red-hot growth has raised increasing concerns about the quality of CBD, as well as potentially hazardous chemicals counterfeit CBD products. To address these growing concerns, companies are looking for ways to make quality assurance information more accessible to consumers.

Living Tree Botanicals is taking things a step even further. The brand now implements a QR code on all of their CBD product packaging, which links customers directly to a laboratory report and certificate of authenticity.

Let’s take a closer look at what Living Tree Botanicals is hoping to accomplish with these QR codes and why these efforts are so important for consumers in general.

What is a QR Code?

A QR code is a pixelated image that you can scan with the camera on your smartphone. It’s the equivalent of a bar code, only smarter and more accessible to consumers. Scanning the image will take you to the web page connected to that QR code.

You do not need a specialized app to use QR codes, today’s Apple and Android devices can now recognize a QR code simply through the camera app. Thanks to this convenient and  accessible technology, consumers are provided with a quick and easy way to get more information than could easily be printed on the types of packaging we typically see. 

This is especially true for cannabis and CBD, where the production and manufacturing data is simply too much to be displayed in typical packaging.

Why CBD QR Codes Are Critical

There’s a lot that’s been changing in the cannabis market. This includes everything from increasing legalization to major cities reconsidering the heavy taxes levied on the cannabis market.

We are at a moment in the history of our country where cannabis is becoming more popular than ever before. There are even gyms that are starting to launch cannabis-friendly branches due to an increase in demand that connects cannabinoids with personal wellness.

The popularity of the cannabis market is also causing some serious problems. The combination of increased legalization and growing popularity has created a surge in so-called cannabis gray markets. There are more unregulated products on the market than ever before and this creates a quality control issue that’s a problem for everyone.

Companies like Living Tree Botanicals are launching these QR codes as a way to overcome customer uncertainty. Customers want to know what’s inside of their cannabis products whether they’re buying CBD or they are looking for different ways to consume marijuana.

These QR codes will get people in touch with the most accurate information about their cannabis products and their CBD. This is a win for both customers as well as businesses.

Who Are Living Tree Botanicals?

Living Tree Botanicals was officially founded in 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia. This company focuses on producing premier CBD products that are pushing the envelope when it comes to the highest standards in the cannabis market.

Living Tree Botanicals has always made savvy decisions when it comes to their business. While it’s common for these businesses to take advantage of incentives like the one year tax break for cannabis businesses, Living Tree Botanicals goes above and beyond with their inclusion of customer-facing QR to make lab test results more accessible.

The CBD products from Living Tree Botanicals are 100% FDA compliant and follow their rules for CBD and cannabis products. Living Tree Botanicals also uses natural hemp in their CBD products which minimizes the risk of potentially hazardous contaminants.

This all falls within all the regulatory standards required by the 2018 farm bill which legalized CBD and a few other cannabinoids on the federal level. Even though th 2018 farm bill made CBD legal on a federal level, there are still states and certain cities that limit or restrict the use of hemp extracts.

A Quick Primer on CBD

CBD has become increasingly popular since it became legal in 2018. However, there are still a lot of myths and misconceptions about this cannabinoid.

CBD is in fact a cannabinoid. It comes from the cannabis, or hemp, plant just like other cannabinoids. However, there are some important facts about CBD that set it apart from other cannabinoids like THC.

CBD has no psychoactive effect and cannot get you high. This is excellent for individuals who are looking for the potential medicinal benefits of using cannabis, but who also aren’t interested in experiencing the classic weed high.

There are a wide range of potential CBD medicinal benefits that are currently being studied. It’s been associated with decreased information, better outcomes for pain management, and as a way to help individuals manage anxiety.

CBD can be consumed as an edible, as an oil, and even smoked as CBD flower or as a CBD vape. They’re even topical ointments that contain CBD that can be rubbed on the skin for a local effect.

The popularity of CBD products is one of the reasons why they’re currently under more scrutiny. With this increasing demand, there’s also a growing concern about the quality of these products.

This is why Living Tree Botanicals’ new QR codes are a great way to ensure product safety and authenticity.