Love Ignites Drama On “Bold And Beautiful”

Rick Forrester's (Jacob Young) world has been rocked on "The Bold and the Beautiful."

HOLLYWOOD—Continuing our discussion to highlight the narrative of some of your favorite soaps during November sweeps, we’ve arrived to CBS’ “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Of course a big chunk of the drama this November is still surrounding the love affair between Liam and Hope.

This time the triangle has become even more complicated with the arrival of Ivy Forrester in town and Wyatt hoping to keep the feelings between Hope and Liam at bay. That proves to be a bit difficult as he sees himself slowly turning into his crazed mother.

Ivy and Liam are definitely getting closer, but both Ivy and Wyatt are determined to keep their respective lovers from reigniting those flames. The situation is quite complicated since Hope is married and preggers with Wyatt’s child. Unfortunately, I have a sad inkling that Hope won’t be pregnant for long with the conniving and diabolical Quinn watching her son and his wife’s every move.

Also for you soap lovers, it’s already been revealed that Kim Mattula will be vacating the role of Hope Forrester. While I don’t see the recast happening right away, I’m certain it will take place soon. The character is a vital element to the series.

The other love triangle that is gearing up much controversy revolves around Caroline, Rick and Ridge. Yes, all hell broke loose when Rick discovered that his wife passionately kissed his nemesis Ridge, who also happens to be his brother. This prompted Eric to reconsider his decision of allowing Ridge to become the new CEO of Forrester Creations. So he chose to crown his youngest offspring the opportunity to control the company. Did you think vengeance was on Rick’s mind? Oh, yes he has plans to make Caroline and Ridge’s lives a living hell.

Fueled with anger and rage, Rick turned to the bottle and Maya, who has been desperate to reignite her relationship with her former flame for weeks. The look on Caroline’s face when she realized her hubby had slept with the woman who has attempted to break up her marriage multiple times was heart-breaking.

While Ridge might see his actions as just a kiss, those surrounding him have other thoughts. Katie, his fiancé unleashed wholly hell. Bill, the man who Ridge despises decided to confront his niece, and delivered a punch to Ridge’s face to make it clear he means business. If the rivalry between Ridge and Bill wasn’t already at a fever pitch, it’s about to peak.

With a newly launched fashion line at the forefront of the company, Ridge, Rick, Caroline and Maya were forced to put on a happy face to ensure the launch was in the best interest of putting the company on the map and not turning into a fiasco. I would argue its safe to say the ‘Beautiful’ can be more ‘Bold’ than most when it comes to love. “The Bold and the Beautiful” airs weekdays at 1:30 p.m. on CBS.

By Donald Thompson