HOLLYWOOD—Last week audiences were teased with small crumbs as the drama to come on Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You Is Wrong” and this week a big payoff happened as news about what transpired inside Randal’s home courtesy of Alex and her red-neck father Rusty. This week’s episode ‘911 Emergency’ saw the chaos hit a fever pitch.

Kelly fought back as Travis continued to make a big scene on her porch, and did her best to cover when it became apparent that her son and Esperanza’s daughter were aware something was wrong. She was indeed unnerved by her former flame’s behavior. Guy went from zero to crazy in a matter of seconds. She was only rattled more after seeing Travis stalking her outside the kitchen window, making further threats.

Esperanza was not pleased to find Julius sitting in a cell because he was driving drunk, and warned Andrew to be careful, but per usual Ben continued to be a pest. Well, well, looks like Ben is attempting to get on the good side of Julius, too bad Julius is already well aware that Eddie is responsible for Ben’s hand being blown off. Be scared Ben, be very scared, because Eddie has nothing on Julius, and it looks like you’re playing right into Julius’ palms for whatever he has planned.

Finally, back to the good stuff: Randal continued to scream for help, as he lay trapped in a wooden casket. He heard voices from above, including a baby crying, so it looks like he is about to be buried alive people. Alex was a frantic mess, and made a call to 911 alerting that her child was kidnapped from her home. Esperanza was flustered with Alex who requested an ambulance for Miss Louise who was bleeding profusely. Looks like Esperanza was warning Alex not to say anything that could implicate her in any possible crimes. Kelly was awoken from her sleep by a frantic Alex who alerted her that her son is missing.

Lushion was flustered with the fact that Eddie arrived at the scene of Joey’s shooting antagonizing his partner in the midst of a family crisis. I mean damn, does Eddie have any respect for anyone? You’d think after nearly dying and being shot multiple times while wearing a bulletproof vest would rattle him a bit. Wow, Quan is indeed dead, which means his mother and Claudia will be livid when they learn what has transpired. Looks like Edward is pushing Steven’s buttons, and for once it looks like he could make an enemy that takes him down.

Marcie staged one hell of a scene as Brad arrived back at their apartment. He totally covered about his shoes being muddy. I mean we all know he was digging a grave, but the question is rather it was for Randal or someone else. Marcie continued to put distance between her and Brad, even though it’s obvious that she still has a torch for him. Kelly received a call from Justus’ father who wanted an update on the possibility of him staying with her considering he is up for probation. Man this woman is being pulled from so many directions in just one episode; it’s only a matter of time before she cracks.

Esperanza called Kelly who suspected Randal took the baby, but things got crazier, when Esperanza asked Kelly to go over to Randal’s house to investigate what was going on. She learned that Ramsey has left town to go back to Utah. Why do I suspect that Travis may have played a role in Ramsey’s sudden disappearance? We still have no idea who snuck into that bathroom shower in the season two finale.

As Kelly moved towards Randal and Marcie’s house she saw a trail of blood and the body of Miss Louise as she frantically discussed in detail with Esperanza, exactly what she was witnessing in front of her, Miss Louise. So after 2 slow episodes it looks like the action is FINALLY picking up. Until next Tuesday “If Loving You is Wrong” love birds!