HOLLYWOOD—At long last, we’re finally getting closer to discovering precisely who took Alex’s baby boy on that fateful night in the latest episode of Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong.” This week’s episode, ‘Boiling Point’ picked up where last week’s episode left off, with Kelly discovering Miss Louise’s bloody body. Oh, this is so frustrating how Tyler Perry is dragging this reveal out. Esperanza continued to guide Kelly to assist Miss Louise, but she was adamant she didn’t have the courage to enter the home. Ok, I would hate to be near death and need Kelly to rescue me.

Travis was stalking Kelly yet again, but once the police arrived he dashed in a furry. Steven and Maxine’s corrupt police force arrived to find Miss Louise, who while unconscious is not yet dead. Thank God. Kelly explained to Detective Steven Simmons (yes, we finally have his last name people) what she witnessed and questions were raised about footprints; well at least someone is thinking about the importance of conserving evidence. Steven asked questions about Brad, who he suspects may be involved in the melee. Those muddy shoes are a vital clue people.

Natalie was still an emotional mess at the hospital, as it became clear that Joey might not get the best care because she has no medical insurance for her eldest son. Man both Lushion and Natalie are livid regarding Joey’s care, and an issue that is all too prevalent in the real world is being discussed on the series. Julius continued to utilize his charm to get Ben onto his side by casting a dark light on Eddie. At long last, Ben confessed to Julius that he hates Eddie and a sinister alliance has been formed people.

Esperanza and Edward had a tense conversation, where his level of ignorance came to life and the hot Latina finally let loose on her former husband. She seemed certain her former flame was about to take a tumble, and she slapped him to unleash a bit of frustration. Esperanza was shocked to learn that Joey was shot, just as he relished learning that Alex’s child was kidnapped. Kelly received another call from Tyrell (Justus’ father).

Wow, a three-way call with Kelly, Tyrell and Tyrell’s mother, who was not happy with Kelly who let her son take the fall for something she was involved in. Hmm, Kelly is caught in some sort of pickle people. It was interesting to see Julius taunt Edward, and when he discovered what Andrew just did, he released Julius. That caused a bit of friction when Julius pointed out in front of Eddie that Ben’s hand was shot. Julius was not happy to hear that Quan was killed, and he made no leeway on finding Claudia. Well, it looks like Julius is the puppet master and Eddie and Ben are his minions.

How in the hell can NO ONE in the police department be more aware of the antics that is taking place and no sanctions be enforced. Laughable is an understatement at this point people. Well, it’s about time, seems like we only get to see Randal a few seconds each episode, but things don’t look good, as its apparent he is indeed being buried alive. To see Ben willing to sell his soul to the Devil shows this guy has no morals whatsoever. A frantic Alex was finally able to get into contact with her mother, who refused to acknowledge her involvement in the disappearance of her son.

Marcie and Brad continued to rendezvous around the issue of where their relationship stands, but she continued to play hard to get. Brad is indeed still harboring feelings for Alex, and when Marcie received a call from Kelly, who also called Brad she took the call. She covered for Brad, when she alerted that Alex’s baby was kidnapped, Randal is missing and that Miss Louise was hurt. Whoa, that caught Marcie off-guard when she heard authorities note that Brad may have been involved in the melee.

Steven had a conversation with Marcie about Brad’s whereabouts, and we had a stunning moment where friends became enemies. Yep, it was almost clear Steven knew Marcie was in the presence of Brad and doing her best to cover.

Brad became inquisitive, which didn’t bode well, and Marcie realized that the mud on his shoes were a cover-up, which resulted in Brad grabbing Marcie from behind. From the looks of next week’s episode, Marcie gets the upper hand against Brad, and a whole lot of crazy is about to be unleashed. Until next Tuesday “If Loving You is Wrong” lovebirds!